Damaged Goods

I have a collection of poetry that I wrote sometime back. These do not reflect my current situation or how I feel today. I feel that sharing these will hopefully help someone who is struggling with depression and low self worth due to abuse of any nature. The scars abuse leaves do not dictate where you are going but are a map that shows how far you have come. God will use what was done to me to help reach others and do good. He did not cause the pain, but He healed me through Jesus.

Damaged Goods written by Julie Sheppard

Damaged goods that is what I am
Broken beyond repair
But then again
Does anyone really care?
I see the stares
but they do not look at me
just what they want me to be
I am nothing to them
but someone to bed
To call when they need some
but then leave me lonesome
tears no longer flow
I am no longer whole
Just a complete disgrace
I see it in the looks upon their face
I just stare off into space
why should I care
I am not really here
Cold metal pressed against my neck
scars my arm with a small nick
Burns on my wrist
No true loves kiss
Just beaten and broken
Damaged goods
I am broken beyond repair
There is no hope for me here

6 thoughts on “Damaged Goods

  1. “Damaged goods” were my dad’s exact words for a girl who lost her virginity and from the time I was raped at 14 until I was fifty, I thought of myself that way. I could have written this. It’s a good poem but also, like a punch in the chest…Jesus has brought me a long way but the pain is still there.

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    1. Thank you for your comments and for sharing. To often we blame ourselves for what others do. I have learned I am only responsible for my actions or reactions. Now I ask God to help me and direst my path.

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