For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse

In sorrow do I love Thee.
For you My Love are cold and callous.
Your smile is without joy,
and your words sting with malice.
My heart gives to you its” life,
yet in return receives only strife.
This love I have for you
Drains my very being
of what little life is left in me.
It loves when there is nothing left to love,
and gives till there is nothing left to give.
If I could only say good-bye to you my love,
I might find my own happiness
in living a life without pain.
They say in giving you receive,
and in one sense this is true
for me and you.
For in giving you my love,
I receive sorrow and pain in return.
But still I love you.
Yours for better or worse.
© By sheppaja On 6/12/2009 8:13:21 PM

Too many times we can find ourselves in destructive relationships. It is not always physical abuse but what the relationship does to your soul. In these relationships you will find one will be doing everything in their power to hold on to their relationships. They walk on egg shells and hope that pleasing the other they will find happiness. This however never works. The relationship may last a lifetime, but neither will be happy or have any peace. Without love no relationship will ever work it can last but it will be more like a job that you hate, one person will be the boss and the other will be servant. This is not an equal relationship. When God made man and woman He made the woman from the rib to be by her side. They were two but they were meant to work as one. Neither was a slave to the other but they complimented each other. Without love, the love God shows us in Jesus relationships can become turn for the worse before you know it. My suggestion to anyone who is single find the love of Jesus first and let Him be the love of your life and then He can bring a person who loves Him to your life. If they truly love Jesus, they will love you as you were meant to be loved.


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