His Words

My head is aching
and my vison is blurred
what was it that he said
that knocked me to my knees
The pain I feel
will it ever heal?
How could he be so cruel?
How could I be such a fool?
He could have struck me with his fist
and it would hurt much less than this
Not with a sword or with a knife
but with a word he cut deep
No blow has ever left me so low
Bruises fade and bones mend
but with his words
he hurt me without end

Julie Sheppard

The Bible tells us that the power of life and death are held in the tongue. You can speak words of life. These are words that give comfort, encouragement, hope, healing, and peace just to name a few. Then there are words that cut deeper than a knife, they stir up anger, cause pain,  are destructive to name the negative power words can have. Emotional and mental abuse can destroy a person and have lasting effects on the abused. A person doesn’t need to be hit and have bruises or broken bones to be abused. The abuse starts with words. Words however can heal those wounds. I have found healing in scripture. Reading God’s words has given me comfort and healing from the damage of abusive words, as both a person who was on the receiving and giving end. For I have been forgiven by Jesus for every hurtful and hateful word I had previously spoken before I learned this lesson. I am hoping other will learn before they have done damage that cannot be undone.


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