I forgot to pray

I forgot to pray today
I woke up late this morning
so many things I have to do
I rushed through the morning
before I knew it it was noon
I had lunch on the run
This day hasn”t been much fun
The work day came to an end
But more work waited for me
when I cam home
the house was such a mess
It was dinner in front of the tv
A quick shower then off to bed
Not one thought of you
went through my head
Now weeks have passed
each day the same
life can be so hectic
it can drive you insane
so many demands
so little time
You barely cross my mind
Now months have passed
turning into years
You are but a name
that I sometimes hear
I used to talk to you for hours
my time with you was truly blessed
but now I am so far from You
and all I do is stress
Lord forgive me
help me not to be too busy
that I forget to take the time
to pray to you daily
and give to You my time


8 thoughts on “I forgot to pray

    1. So very true. I wake up in the morning before getting about of bed and say my good mornings to Jesus and thank You God for the day, and end the day with a good night Jesus. This of course is not the only time for prayer.

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  1. There is scripture that tells us to pray without ceasing 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Knowing that the lord is Omni-Everything (lol) I often pray in my mind as I am doing my daily what evers. Also a very good friend a Prison Preacher made a comment on what he called breath prayer. Example simply say “Peasce, Strength,Healing and so on. What ever is stressing you at that time, He knows whats up. I posted similar on FB which says. “Sometimes I simply pray “Jesus – Amen”. Thats all that needs to be said”. I also posted a blog about prayer being an “Altar of Exchange – (A place where you go to meet Jesus leaving all the hurts, stress and junk.) and He meets you giving you (peace, hope, and comfort).

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    1. Excellent insight. I wrote this for those who get so busy they forget about the importance of having daily conversations with Jesus. It is easy for anyone to get distracted with the busy routines we can get ourselves into. It takes effort to make time for the One who gave us life. Sometimes we just need a reminder. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. God bless you.


  2. GOD taught me prayer is more than waking up early, kneeling and crying aloud..its meditating WORD with deepness…because Deep calls for deep..i know you prayed by meditating in GOD and GOD is happy with you…don’t worry with negatives…


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