Sleep the elusive dream

Another sleepless night. I could say I dream of sleep but to dream doesn’t one need to sleep? I lack the understanding of why my mind and body will not shut down. I have tried everything and still nothing brings the rest I can only find in sleep. I pray, I read, and I even find a mindless TV show to zone out with. Yet I have had no success.

I sometimes wonder if this is training for my time in Heaven where time has no clock or calendar. Yet here on Earth sleep is a necessity. This bodies we live in need time to rest. Yet here I sit typing away, not really saying anything.

As tired as I may be, I try to find peace in the quiet dark of night. The good thing is there are no distractions, and my thoughts can focus on Jesus and His Word. During the day there are so many things to do and so many demands, it is easy to lose that focus. So I am thankful that even though I may not be sleeping, and I may live alone and not have anyone I can call at this hour, but I am not alone Jesus is here with me. He is watching my fingers type these words. So as I ramble He is with me. Sleep or no sleep, He is with me. He is my peace.

So to you who are sleeping I pray your sleep is peaceful. For those of you who are like me I pray Jesus is your companion and you are enjoying your alone time with Him.

Good night.

3 thoughts on “Sleep the elusive dream

  1. I’ve had problems sleeping since I was twelve and I know it is related to my childhood trauma but I can’t get to the roots of it. I’ve taken meds for it for a long time but they were making me sick so, I’m trying to cope with not sleeping again. I keep thinking it has to do with trust. I think I’m always on ‘guard duty’ and if I reach the point in my walk of faith to trust God enough to sleep, I will have come a very long way.

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  2. Pam thank you for sharing. The medications I had been given in the past never worked for me either, instead of making me sick they made me unable to focus or think clearly and they made me wobbly for the best word to describe the effects on my body. The one thing they did not do was produce sleep. I have done breathing exercises’, and herbal remedies, yet sleep eludes me. I cannot say for a fact any one thing is the root cause. I had someone tell me it is because there was someone I needed to pray for. So I ask God who needs prayer and HE sometimes gives me a name or shows me a face, and I pray for them. I was told by another that the hours between midnight and 3 are hours to do prayer warfare, and from 3 to 6 in the morning is for praise. I am not sure of where they learned this but I see it as good use of a sleepless night. I must confess that the pas few months Have not been very good at this. I used to have terrifying nightmares and at one point in my early 20’s they were so bad I gave a black eye to a roommate who had tried to wake me from one and had been so deep in the dream when I woke up I didn’t know that I was the one who had hit her until she told me she would let me suffer through the nightmares because she was going to get hit again. Thankfully she was not angry with me, just concerned.
    I have gotten to the point though that instead of stressing over the lack of sleep try do something good with the wake time and nap when I can. Although when I do sleep during the day I feel disoriented when I wake up. What ever the reason for yours mine and anyone else’s lack of sleep, we can turn our focus off of sleep and turn it to Christ. maybe we are the ones called to do battle in prayer as others sleep. Maybe if we would join together during these sleepless nights and pray and come against the enemy’s attacks we might find the peaceful sleep our bodies desperately desire. If you would consider this and would like to give this a try my email is If you email me I will give you my phone number and we could pray together. I will pray that your body will let you rest and find sleep. Sorry for rambling. God be with you and bless you. Julie


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