Sleep the elusive dream continues, September 22, 2015

Yet another sleepless night. Instead of fighting for sleep I chose to spend the night hour with my Heavenly Father. I spent part of the night reading,another part praying and praising Him and another part cleaning and anointing my home. My mood today is surprisingly good considering the fact that I did not even sleep an hour this last night. This I take as a gift from God, especially since I am not a morning person to begin with add a lack of sleep my mood is not usually so joyful. I would also like to report since the other night when I wrote asking other insomniacs to join me in prayer I have had two people contact me and said they too would be praying and will pray with me during the night if we are awake together. I am glad for this because it is turning the sleepless night into a blessing. The more who join us in prayer the more people we can pray for, and together we can also praise our God and praise Jesus our Redeemer, our Healer, our Savior, our Lord. Sleepless nights are becoming less of a burden, and more joyful. I still look forward to peaceful sleep, but taking advantage of every waking moment seeking God and petitioning Him for the needs of others.

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