Love and Time

calenders and clocks

Love and Time

We measure times with seconds, which turn into minutes.

Then minutes turn into hours.

Hours turn into days.

Days turn into weeks.

Weeks turn into months.

Months turn into years.

We keep track of time using clocks and calendars.

Yet love does not know time.

It does not have a clock or calendar to tell it what it is.

It is not a schedule to keep or an appointment to make.

Love cannot be measured by time.

It has no birth date or anniversary.

Love is Love

It has been around since before creation.

It was , it is and it will always be.

Even in a world filled with hate,

There is still love.

Love cannot be weighed,

You cannot measure love.

You cannot truly live without love.

It is the air we breathe, and the blood that flows through us.

Love is Jesus

Love forgives what cannot be forgiven.

Love gives hope.

Love restores what you have lost or what has been stolen.

Love gives and wants nothing in return.

Love is merciful and keeps no records of wrongs.

Love gives life and healing.

You may exist without love,

But that is not the same as being alive.

We have been loved since the beginning,

Isn’t it time we begin living to love?

Jesus is love.

He has given us everything we need.

He gave us His life,

So we can live,

Live in peace and live in love.

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