Are you listening?

A thought came to me, and it is about listening. I volunteered at the local library today and was working in the audio book section. I remembered that someone had once told me that they did not like listening to audio books. At the time it was just a simple comment. I love books, whether I am holding one in my hands or listening to one on CD, I enjoy what is being said. I am listening. Even when I am reading a book, I am listening to what the author is saying. I do not try to interrupt the author, and I do not just hear what they are saying, I am listening.

If I am in a church service or at home reading my Bible, I am listening. God speaks to me through His Word. I do not want to just hear the Word. I want to listen, so that I can do what His Word instructs me to do. The better I listen, the better my relationship is with Jesus. Jesus is the Word made flesh. When He speaks I want to cling on to every word that comes out of His mouth. I want to be like Martha’s sister Mary, sitting at His feet and taking in every word, as if they were delicious treats that satisfy my hunger.

I look around and see that people are not listening. Yes they hear you, but it is more like a noise in the background. They may smile or nod their head, but they are not listening. Unfortunately these people are like the ones who hear God’s Word but it does not make a difference in their lives because they are not listening.

Do you know what is like to be in the middle of saying something, and someone interrupts you before you are finished speaking. Then what ever you were saying gets brushed off to the side, and they have taken the conversation on to a totally different topic. They heard you speaking but they were not listening to you. They have acted like what they had to say was more important. What this has led me to see here is, that the one who interrupts a conversation is being controlling. Maybe it is because they feel what they had to say was more important, or it could be you were making them uncomfortable. I cannot really say what is going on in the mind of another, just what it appears to look like to me. When a person interrupts you when you are speaking and does it in a way that changes the topic of conversation, is like getting to the last chapter of a book and someone taking it away from you and you never know how the story ends.

When this is done, you may turn to your emotions and feel unimportant or rejected. Now I would like it if you would think about this. How do you think God feels when we interrupt Him, instead of listening to Him? It is not only with our words hat we do this, but it is how we live in disregard to His Word. Are you trying to control everything around you thinking that God does not care? Maybe you think you know whats best for you, or you want things a certain way and you ignore any advice given, no matter who it comes from. To me it is like I am telling God, I hear what you are saying, but I have a better way.  Another way to look at this is like a teenager who tells their parents to get off their back, and storms off to their room and slams the door.

I want to be like the children in the Bible who were able to crawl up into the lap of Jesus, and listen to Him speak to me. I want Him to tell me everything He wants to say and listen to Him like a child being read a bedtime story. Finding comfort and peace as His words wrap around me like a soft warm blanket. Making me feel safe and secure. Being like the child who begs their parent for one more story. This is how I want to be.

6 thoughts on “Are you listening?

  1. I understand what you’re saying. I am one who sometimes has to remind myself to “listen” when someone is talking to me. I’ve been interrupted, and have been the interrupter. I’ve found that sometimes it’s my frame of mind. I get upset at both until I realize I need to not be about me all the time. Even when I come before the Father in prayer, it’s not all about me. Through learning to listen for His voice, I’ve learned to listen to others better. After-all, sometimes God chooses to speak to me through them.

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    1. You are right He will use you many times to speak through. You will not know when, where or to whom, but if you are listening to Him, He will instruct you and give the words to speak.


  2. As we age, and hopefully grow in wisdom, we should come to Him as little children climbing into his lap.
    Good thoughts Julie!


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