Looking for a Literary Agent

I have a wonderful story that I just feel a great need to share. The only writings I have had published has been some of my poetry. I have searched and read the books on how to get published, but most publishing companies require an agent to submit your manuscript. All these publishing how to books do not get into how to get a literary agent. I found sites that if you pay for a service they will help you find an agent but I am not sure if these sites actually work. So I am feeling very frustrated. If you are a published author I would greatly appreciate any advise you can give. I truly desire to get my story out there. It is a children’s story but I believe adults will enjoy it as well. I look forward to learning from you what you can share in getting this done. Thank you. Julie S.

Thought and question October 1, 2015

Just a simple thought. Have you ever noticed when you read your Bible, that when Jesus was on this earth when Jesus spoke who the people were that tried to argue with Him? When He spoke there were those who eagerly listened to every word He had to say and they would repent. Then there were those who would try to trap Him with their questions, so that they could accuse Him. Can you tell me who were these two different groups of people?

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