A lesson in listening. How God spoke to me through a song.

 I find it amazing how God can speak to me through anything He chooses. I can learn lessons from Him if I just listen. Over the past couple of years there have been a few songs that even though they are not hymns or from Christian artists, I heard a lesson. A song from the eighty’s “I’ve never been to me” is one song. Another is song by Cher, titled “You haven’t seen the last of me”. These are just the first two that came to my mind as I began to write this, there are others. Right now I want to focus more on listening to God than the songs on my list. The closer I get to God, the more I hear His voice. Sometimes He is telling me to stop what I am doing. Other times He is encouraging me, telling me not to give up. He also tells me how much He loves me and how much I mean to Him.
   It is the ultimate romance. It is like the first few dates, when the person who asked you out is doing everything to impress you and show you how interested they are in you. The one difference is that unlike a date that comes to an end, His love for you is eternal. He literally gave His life to show you how much He loves you. I know that life in this world can hurt. You can be cheated on, lied to abused, rejected and abandoned just to name a few terrible things that can happen and probably has happened to you. You may wonder why He let these things happen to you. How can a God that says He love you and then let someone hurt you? These are good questions, but I am not going to get into that subject right now. Instead I want you to know, that even though some terrible and painful things have happened to you and you felt alone, He was with you. He feels your every pain. He did not plan for these things to happen.
   He came to earth as a man knowing what He was going to face because He loves you. He was beaten and rejected. He was ridiculed and spat on. Even on the cross He was mocked. He did all this for you and me. Not because we deserved His love but because He is love. A love our minds cannot comprehend. The world teaches us its way of loving, which is actually selfish. Do this for me and if you are good enough I will love you. Mess up and I will leave you. Love in this world is conditional. Love from Jesus is unconditional. He did not wait for us to get our lives right and do everything that pleases Him.
   We live to meet our own demands, we reject Him, we argue with Him and yet He still died for us as we are. In the song I’ve never been to me the singer talks about things she sacrificed for lies. How she chose the sweet life not realizing it was going to live her bitter, yes she travelled and saw more than most people get to in their life. The one thing she never received was love. She sang warning another woman not to make the same mistakes she had. This song taught me that the love I was so desperately seeking cannot be found in this world or its pleasures, that these things are lies and they will leave me empty. In the song, “You haven’t seen the last of me”, you have a woman who has been knocked down. Nobody believes in her. Yet she knows there is something inside her that is stronger than her circumstance. This gives her the belief that she will make it through, and she will be able to stand up again, and that she will be okay. For me the thing inside of me that tells me no matter how bad things look right now is Jesus and His love for me. These are just a couple of lessons I received by just listening. He is speaking to me and I know He is speaking to you in a way that is personal to you. He loves you. He will whisper in your ear, and shout it from a mountain top how much He loves you. To hear him you just need to listen.
So how has God spoken to you lately?

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