Religious Dividers written November 26, 1999

(found this today and thought it was interesting to find it 12 years later)

I do not understand why it is that when a person belongs to a particular
church or denomination, they refuse to listen to anyone outside of their
group. I’ve noticed that when speaking to different people, when you speak about a certain speaker, or book, I’ll hear things like ” I’m sorry, I don’t agree with them because they don’t believe what I believe,” or “I don’t read anything that is written by that denomination.” I also find it interesting, when you invite someone to go to a different church than where they belong, they refuse due to the fact that they believe it is wrong to go to any church but their own. They make sure you know that it is okay for those who already belong to attend. It is as if we have become more loyal to a building, and a group of people than we are to God. I did not realize that God is so small that He can only go to one church, or be separated by denomination. I do not know about you, but to me personally this is wrong. Gods’ name is not Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Catholic, Adventist, and the list goes on. A long list of denominational names, that do only one thing. They divide. Separating one group of believers from the other. A religious Babylon. This only helps to keep us from seeking the true God. How can I say this ? It is easy. While we waste our time , trying to find the right church , in the right denomination we do not get any closer to His Word. Once you belong to a denomination you are then restricted to their doctrine. I cannot agree to this, because the Bible is my only doctrine. From the word of God am I to learn, and be disciplined. To be instructed by The Holy Spirit. His Word is what gives life. While religion, and all of its’ divisions only give a person a way to enslave themselves to men. That is what we do when we allow a small group of people determine how we develop and think. It is not our decisions that dictate how we do what we do, it is what we are told. This does not mean that everything that is being taught in the religious arena is wrong. There is a lot of truth that can be found. It however seems to be wrapped up in whatever package they choose to present it. This causes confusion. When it comes to God there should not be any confusion. A relationship with God is not meant to be complicated. It just seems to me that it is man and his religion that creates all the complications,
and confusion. In other words men always have to do it the hard way. There is so much that I still have to learn, however I have come to realize one important thing, and that is God chose to create, love, and give His son for my salvation, all I have to do is accept what He is, what He has done, and follow His lead, and I will make to where He wants me to be. He knows it all. I never have to doubt what He has to say to me. He won’t mislead me, or anyone else. His word is complete.
3:09 AM 11/26/99
I feel as if all people worry about is that you are not looking for God the right way if you are not doing exactly as they are doing. Which may uncover their own insecurities about their faith. I am sorry if I can not keep up with religious etiquette. It is more important to me to do that which God wants me to do, than what some religion or group of people says that I should. God did give me a brain, and I think He wants
me to use it. Why commit myself any further to anything that compromises my relationship with Him. There are so many things wrong in the body of Christ, and one major problem is division of His children. Seek for yourself the Truth in His Word. Do not believe anything any one says without consulting God through His Word and prayer. It is not that people are purposely trying to mislead you, but they themselves have taken the easy way out, by believing in a speaker or a church without taking the time to find out if all they believe is true.

4 thoughts on “Religious Dividers written November 26, 1999

  1. I’m wondering if your perspective has changed at all in twelve years? Sometimes, I look at things I wrote years ago and think “Did I really write that?” :0) The Bible is my authority for the practice of my faith too but some churches give the church greater authority. Others give greater weight to new revelations. I seek unity in faith in Jesus but I can’t always avoid division. Sometimes, it happens for good reason.

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    1. Pam thank you for your comments. My perspective has changed in the perspective that I now see the need for unity within the body of Christ. I now also understand that I am part of that body and that though I am different than another my function is just as important as another. We all have a job to do and working together in His peace, love and truth is a necessity. I have actually been working on a study on the different parts of the body and their functions and their need for the other parts to work together. to me its about Jesus, His Word, His Life, and His Way. He is bigger than a building and His name is above all names.

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