Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Abraham(the husband)


Dear Abraham,

(Abraham the Husband)

     I am writing this letter to you concerning you as a husband. You have let fear and doubt cloud your mind when it comes to your wife. You are blessed with a beautiful wife. Yet you have been more concerned with your own safety. Twice you have put her life in jeopardy, both spiritually and physically. The first time was in Egypt. You were so afraid that her beauty would cause them to kill you so that they could have her. So you had claimed her that she was your sister and not your wife. When you did this you were placing her in a position to commit adultery. I did protect her by letting Pharaoh know that she was your wife. He acted honorably and would not touch because she was married. So she was returned to you untouched and free from the sin of adultery. Pharaoh had to send you away because of this.

     Then fear came over you again, and you repeated what you had done in Egypt. You were in Gerar and king Abimelech wanted Sarah. You did not tell him that she was your wife. Instead you told him that she was your sister, and she did not protest. She did what you wanted her to do and submitted herself to your will. So I spoke to him in a dream and he did not bring any harm to Sarah, and for a second time she was returned to you untouched.

     Your actions in both incidents were selfish, and cowardly. You were going to cause your wife and these rulers to sin. You were sacrificing your wife to save yourself. You are a better man than this. You are the husband of Sarah. You are to be her protector and her provider. Instead you used her to protect your own life. Abraham I want you to be the husband she deserves, a man who is honorable and would rather lay down his own life than let any harm to happen to her.

She has made her own mistakes and does not need help in making more. She needs you to be strong and faithful to Me as well as to her. Care for her the way that I do. I love her as I do love you. Love not as man loves, for the love of man can be selfish and pleasing to only themselves. A man who loves with all that you are created to be. Give to Me your life, and you will be rewarded with both My love and hers. Sarah will bring you the love of a good and loyal wife.

     You will learn that there are consequences for your actions. When you live right and make the right choices you will prosper. We have much more to discuss but for now think upon these words written here.


Your Lord God Almighty



Genesis 12:10-20

Genesis chapter 20


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