Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Hagar

Dear Hagar,

     I want you to know that I do love you. Yes you are an Egyptian and a slave to Sarai. This does not change My love. You did not seek to have Abram’s child, you had been given by Sarai to him. It was her choice not yours. You knew that she felt that she had been keeping Abram from his blessing when she gave you to him. You taunted her with the child you were able to give him, when she had not yet been able to do so herself. Her lack of faith in Me has caused this mess. One sin leads to another. Now there is nothing but quarreling between the two of you.

     She began to mistreat you. So I understand why you felt you had to run away. Then I sent you back to her, and asked you to submit yourself to her. This was a difficult burden to bear. Then you tried to elevate yourself above her by using your child to hurt her with him. This is wrong to use a child to do harm. Your sin is pride, and you are included in the sin of adultery with Abram. I know that you felt that you had no choice because you belonged to Sarai but wrong is wrong no matter what the reason.

     You have a son, and his name is Ishmael and Sarai has her son Isaac, who is the child I had promised to Abraham. You let her jealousy work for you. You turned it against her and have divided the two sons with this quarrel. You have placed Abraham where he must now choose between his two sons. The first son conceived in sin and the second is the child who I had promised to him.

     This was not an easy decision for him to make so he told Sarah to do as she wanted. Sarah in her anger and jealousy cast you and your son Ishmael out. This is not what he wanted, but he listened to his wife and forgot what I had told him. He did as she requested. The three of you have your part in this. Each one of you has sinned. Doubt, adultery, pride, and jealousy, none of these have anything to do with My love, or My plans.

     So now you journey through the dessert with your child, but you are not alone. I will be with you and your son will be the father of a nation. He will marry an Egyptian and live in Paran. He will be a father to a nation as I had spoken to you before. You are a mother who loves her son; there is no doubt to this. Yet he was conceived in sin, and this still will have consequences that you cannot hide from. Live now a life that is right and pure.


God of Abraham


Genesis 16, 17:1-22, 18:1-15, 21:1-21


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