8.Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Isaac

Dear Isaac,

     You are definitely your father’s son and like your father you have repeated the mistakes of your father. I do hope that you will not repeat the same mistake again. Just as your father gave into fear, you have copied his actions. You too said your wife Rebekah was not your wife and almost caused her to take part of adultery. This sin would not have been hers, since she was acting in submission to you her husband and did as you asked of her, but she still would have sinned.

     Why would you do this to her? Do you love her? You have been more concerned for yourself than for the life of the wife you were blessed with. She was to be kept under your arm for protection, but instead you used her as your shield. This is an act of cowardice. Where is your faith in Me, and your respect for your wife. She has been obedient and loving to you in all things. How can you treat a treasure like her like nothing more than something you can easily cast off. Do you not know what it means to be a husband?

      I created you for better than this, and I created her to be cherished as she cherishes you as both a husband and a man of God. Her actions have proven her love. Will your actions from this point on show that you cherish and love her? As she has forgiveness for your actions, I will also forgive you for this transgression. However learn from your mistake and do not repeat this act again as your father Abraham did. You have been blessed. Hold on to your faith in Me, and know I will provide for your every need, and protect you, if only you believe. Be a man of honor and you shall be honored.


Your Lord God Almighty


Genesis 26:6-11

Genesis 12:10-20  

Genesis chapter 20


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