Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Sarai

Dear Sarai,

     Where is your faith? You turned to the works of the flesh and lost faith in Me. You sent your maid servant to your husband for the purpose of conceiving the child I promised for you to give birth to. My promise was for you not for Hagar. When you did this, you caused your husband and Hagar to commit adultery.

     When you saw that you had done wrong you did not repent. Instead you hurt Me further by punishing Hagar for your sin. She had only done what you told her to do. Your command caused her to sin, for she is your servant and could not refuse you. She too carries the weight of this sin. Yet you look down on her and punish her because of your jealousy. She will give birth to one of Abram’s son. This was not my plan. Her child is not the one I promised.

     Your lack of patience and your doubts in what I can do caused you to act on your own power and you did not wait for Me. The child I promised for you to have, I will still give to you. The two will be divided, and cause much strife. This too is a result of your lack of faith in Me. Now because of your decision to give Hagar to Abram, instead of one nation coming out of Abram there will be two. Why is it that you chose to do for yourself what I was going to give you?

     Did you forget that I Am, your Lord and God? Do you not believe in My power? Is your age greater than mine? Do you know what I know? Dear woman I have always been with you. I was with you in Egypt, when the fears of your husband almost caused you to commit adultery with Pharaoh. Did I not protect you then? Did I not keep you from your husband’s sin? You remained pure and untouched by Pharaoh, and he delivered you back to your husband. Yet now you behave like My word is not true.

    This hurts Me deeper than you will ever understand. Yet I will forgive you. The child I promised will still come. Your name will no longer be Sarai; you will now be called Sarah. Your son will be named Isaac. Now my dear woman trust in Me, the Lord your God with all your heart and believe. I do not lie. I tell you the truth. I love you Sarah and I will be with you always.


Your Lord God



Genesis 16, 17:15-16

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