9.Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Rebekah

Dear Rebekah,

     You are My precious daughter. Thank you for your obedient heart. You served a stranger without wanting anything in return. You did not know his purpose for his travels but you cared not only for his needs but for the animals in his care. Then you opened up your home to bring him comfort and rest. You did not know that he came in search of a bride for his master’s son. You served him from your heart.

     Your family welcomed him and set a meal before him. Yet he waited to take care of his own needs until he made the request for you to come home with him to be the bride of Isaac. Your family said for him to return home and that the answer would be sent to him. You were given time to make your decision. You did not hesitate but answered that you would go and leave your family to be Isaac’s bride. You could have said no but you said yes and became a wife to a man you had not yet met. Your trust in my will for your life has blessed you. You became a wife and then a mother. Thank you for choosing this path and following Me. Be blessed my beautiful daughter.

All of my love,

Your Abba Father



Genesis 24


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