16.Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Joseph(forgiveness)

Dear Joseph,


      Once again, I am writing to you. This may worry you because of the times that I had written to you before. Each letter came when trouble had fallen on you. Do not fear. You are now a hold a position of power. You now look after the people who once persecuted you, and you have saved them. All over there is a famine in the land. Yet you have a store house of supplies to care of the needs of not only those in Egypt, but to her neighbors. I am very happy with you. You have done well as a leader.

     This however is not the purpose of this letter. Your brothers have come to Egypt because of the famine. They are here to purchase grain to take home to your family. I need to know if you can forgive them for what they have done to you. I know that you miss your father and that you have concerns regarding the life of your younger brother Benjamin. So I will give you an opportunity to see if they have treated him better than they had treated you.

     When they first arrive you will invite them to eat with you, but you will not reveal to them who you are. Then you will sell them the supplies that they need. Yet before they leave you will come up with a way to give them a good reason to return with Benjamin. Then you will see your brother again, and when you do you will learn if your brothers were sorry for what they had done to you. When you hear them admit their guilt, will you forgive them? I know your answer is yes. You will do this because your family will be restored to you.

     All of your brothers and your father will be together again and I will make you whole again. Then you will rejoice and the children of Israel will prosper. So rejoice because the time of healing and restoration is at hand, and all that you have lost will be restored to you. Your faith in Me has been rewarded. What they had done to harm you has turned into a blessing. I love you.

All of my love,

Your Heavenly Father



Genesis chapters 42-46


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