18. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people found in the Bible) Dear Jochebed

Dear Jochebed,

(Mother of Moses)

     No parent ever wants to give up their child. I know as a mother you did your best to hold on to your son to keep him alive. Yet you knew he would only be with you for a little while so you hid him and nurtured him till you could hide him no more. The time has come when you can hide him no more and you must send him away so that he may live.

     Releasing your child into a violent and wicked world is the most difficult thing you will ever do. Yet have faith in Me, and I will protect your son and he will grow into a great man who I will use to save a nation. You cannot see this now because when you look at your son all you can see is a baby. You cannot see the future. You see this moment the basket in which you are about to place him into and you see the water that will carry him away from you. Your daughter will keep watch until he is found safe.

     Do not worry, My plan will work. You long to keep him close to you but you love him enough to let him go so that he will live. So kiss your child and place him in the basket, which I will see gets him to where I need him to be. He will live and grow, and become a man. One day you will see how I too will send My own Son into this violent and bloodthirsty world so that He can save people from their sins. Your son will be safe and no harm will come to him. My heart seeks to comfort yours. I love you dear woman.

With Love and tears,

Your Abba Father


Exodus chapter 1 and 2

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