19. Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Rahab

Dear Rahab,

     The world has only known you as a prostitute, but you know of the wonders, and miracles I have done for my people and you acknowledge that I Am the One True God who does mighty things. You know the destruction your people face. When the spies whom Joshua will send into your land come, you will welcome them into your home.

     When your king’s guard comes searching for them you will hide and protect them. You will tell the guard that the men had already left before the gates were closed. You will then go to the spies and instruct them in which way they shall escape. They will then reward you. You and your family will not come to harm when My army comes to take your city.

     A scarlet cord will hang from your window letting my men know where you are and they will not harm you, or your family. I want to thank you that even though you were not born of my chosen people you have received Me by receiving the men I chose to have Joshua send into the city you live in. You know Me and believe in Me, and you have served Me well, by risking the safety of not only yourself but your family.

     You shall live and be blessed, and become a part of My people because You chose Me above those you had belonged to. I will be your God and you will be My child.

With My love and gratitude,

The Lord God Almighty


Joshua Chapter 2


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