21. Letters from God (ficional letters based on people in the Bible) Dear Naomi

Dear Naomi,

     Your life has not been easy. Your husband moved you and your family to Moab from Bethlehem. With you came your two sons Mahlon and Chilion. You did this because there was famine in your homeland. You left family and friends, and were living in a strange land. Then Your husband Elimech died, leaving you with just your sons. They then married Orpah and Ruth. Then both sons died as well.

     So there you were a widow with no sons. You released your daughter in-laws to return to their own families. Then you decided to return to the home you left behind. Orpah and Ruth cried to stay with you. Yet you said you had nothing to offer them and pleaded for them to return to their families. Orpah did as you had requested, but Ruth refused to leave you and she chose to stay with you. She truly loves you.

     The two of you travelled back to Bethlehem. When you returned your home was in poor shape and you had nothing. You sent Ruth to glean in the fields after the other servants had harvested. She brought all she could gather to you. She could have returned home but she stayed loyal to you, and cared for you the best that she could. She chose to be with you and chose for Me to be her God because of what she sees in you.

     You are a woman who is deeply loved. I will bless you and Ruth for you are two women who are worth more than all the jewels of the land. You will instruct Ruth in what she shall do, and she will obey your words. You have a relative who will take you and Ruth in to his family. When you learn that she had been working in the field of Boaz, you will ask Ruth to return the next day to his fields. He will then see her as she works in the field and he will give her favor. He is not the first relative that will have a right to her, but I will give him favor in the eyes of the law. Instruct Ruth in what she is to do, and be redeemed and be blessed. I love you,


Your God


The book of Ruth


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