27. Dear David (concerning Bathsheba)

Dear David,

(Regarding Bathsheba)

     You are My dearly loved. The favor I have given to you, the victories in battle, and the protection from those who sought to take your life, and still you have betrayed My love for you. You have become selfish seeking to fulfill the pleasure of your lustful desires. Have I not commanded that that adultery is forbidden? Did I not command not to covet anything that belonged to another?

     Yet you looked upon the beauty of Bathsheba and lusted after her even though she is the wife of Uriah. He fought bravely for you in your army. He has been faithful in his service to you. You then betrayed him while he was off in battle you took Bathsheba to your bed. She became pregnant and this child would expose your adulterous affair.

     You tried to cover up your affair by bringing Uriah home. You believed that he would sleep with his wife, and then everyone would believe the child was his. When he refused to leave his men and did not return to his wife, your sin could not be hidden you sent him into battle knowing that it would cause his death. How selfish and deceitfully have you behaved. Lying, coveting, cheating and killing all for your own selfish desire to be with this woman?

     Do you not remember Me and the love I have for you? How you have broken My heart. Do you not know that you cannot hide from Me the things you do? You know that I have known you since before you were made in your mother’s womb? I Am Your Lord God Almighty, there is nothing that you can hide from Me. Your actions will not go unpunished. My love for you remains, but the tears you have caused to flow from My eyes from the pain you have caused Me will not keep the rod of correction from striking you.

     This child conceived in sin will not remain with you. He will be taken from you. You will mourn and repent of your sins and I will still love you, but the favor you had will not be the same and your house will be troubled because of the selfishness of your heart. You should have looked away from her, but now it is too late. What is done cannot be undone. Keep My commands and live.

I still love you,

I Am Your Lord God Almighty


2Samuel Chapters 11-12

Exodus 20:1-17

Matthew 5:27-28

4 thoughts on “27. Dear David (concerning Bathsheba)

  1. Julie, this was a wonderful read. This is one of my favourite stories from the Bible. Actually, many of the stories are my favourites. Dumas used a similar theme in the novel, Man in the Iron Mask. I love the concepts you’re working with in this series. Best wishes. xo


    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I have four more letters in this series that I will be posting. I have just over a dozen completed for the next series and recently received a request to add a letter to Jeremiah. Waiting for other requests to see who people are interested in reading about to add as well. If there is anyone who speaks to your heart please let me know, they might just get a letter too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My goodness, Julie, you are a wonderful and gracious person for doing that for your readers. I appreciate that very much. I am just going to stay glued to your blog and enjoy the Bible lessons. Thank you for adding richness to my reading adventures.

        Liked by 1 person

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