29. Dear Woman,(Elijah and the widow)

Dear Woman,

(Elijah and the widow)

     My Dear Woman, I know that you are a widow with a son to care for, and that you have only enough oil and flour to make not even a meal for you and your son. You know you do not have anything else coming to you to supply the needs of you and your son. You feel hopeless and that this is the end.

      So when a man approaches you and asks you to feed him do not worry.  I understand that you will think, but this is all that I have left. Yet in spite of this, you will make him the small cake he will ask for. I know that you feel hopeless and that there is nothing left to live for and nothing left to lose. So when you bless My prophet Elijah, I will bless you.

     You will give the last of all you have and be empty, but I will fill you with more than what the body needs, I will give you hope and a future. The rest of your days will be blessed. Even though you felt unloved and abandoned, you will give unselfishly and this is an act of love. Give when you have nothing, and then to put another before yourself. You are loved, for I love you with an everlasting love. Live a blessed life. I will provide for all of your needs.


Lord God Almighty


1 Kings 17

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