Reflecting on Letters from God

2015 is almost over. Blink and you will be in the new year. This is the time of year we reflect on the year and all that has happened in our lives. We make New Years resolutions, things we want to do or change in the year to come. So it is funny to me that my thoughts are not on these traditional things. The people in ‘Letters from God’ have become very special to me. Posting them here, had me rereading what I had written and made me truly think about the lives of these people. I could not say I have a favorite, but I related more than I liked to Joseph, writing his letters helped me deal with some tragedies that had happened to me. I don’t just flip through the Bible and point a finger and say ‘Oh this is who is getting a letter today. I read, I pray for guidance, and I look at the lives of the people in the Bible. Funny thing is that we may live in a modern world with all kinds of luxuries and gadgets, but when it comes to our human nature not much has changed. There are people who are loving, who give all they have to help anyone in need. Then there are people who are so filled with hate they could spit on you while you are down and then steal what they can from you. I can go down the list of good and bad characteristic of people, like those who will sacrifice to save another, and those who will kill to get what the want. That list is to lengthy and I think you already have an understanding that there are both good and bad people in this world. What ever people are behaving like today, you can find the same things happening in the lives of the people in the Bible. We can learn so much from their lives. We can learn from their mistakes as well as their victories. We can share in their loss and their pain, finding comfort for ourselves when we see how they overcame the trials and tribulations of their lives. We can find hope that we are not alone in our suffering. That the God who loved these people is till alive today and He loves us just as much as the ones recorded in the Bible. Look at the life of Joseph, his half brothers hated him and wanted to kill him. If it had not been for Reuben coming up with the plan to sell him, he would have died in that pit. Now he is a slave and is falsely accused, so he is now a slave in prison. While all this is going on, his sister Dinah is raped. The when the prince and the king try to make things right,  even turning away from their false gods and idols, his brothers slaughter the men while they were sick from being circumcised. His brother Judah is loosing son after son, so he sends his daughter in-law Tamar to live with her family. She then has to go out of her way to get the blessing that was promised to her even though it almost cost her her life. These people are alive to me,even though they lived over a thousand years before I was born.  I can see them in my mind, and I can feel what they felt. The love, the loss, the sorrow and pain, the hope and the joy, this list goes on. I only hope that I do their lives justice in my letters. I also hope that you who read these letters become as fond of these people as I am. If you are a believer one day you will meet them face to face and we will no longer have to imagine what life with them could be.

If you read any of these letters and they speak personally to you please drop me a line in the comments. Thank you, Julie.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on Letters from God

    1. Ooops! I just realized two things, the first is that I did not answer the question you asked, so here is the answer, I would like to meet Joseph, his life and everything that he lived through has been a personal inspiration and has helped me go through some tragic times. My second error was my first response that a letter to Jonathan is not included in the the second volume of letters but it is already included in the first volume. Thank you for your comment and forgive me for having a scatter brained moment.

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