Letters from God Volume I

Here is the  first set of letters (Volume II is in the works, new letters will soon be posted)
  1. Introduction
  2. Dear Adam and Eve
  3. Dear Serpent in the garden
  4. Dear Noah
  5. Dear Abraham the husband
  6. Dear Sarai
  7. Dear Hagar
  8. Dear Isaac
  9. Dear Rebekah
  10. Dear Joseph (regarding your brothers)
  11. Dear Dinah
  12. Dear Brothers of Joseph
  13. Dear Judah
  14. Dear Joseph 2(false accusations)
  15. Dear Joseph (dreams)
  16. Dear Joseph (forgiveness)
  17. Dear Shiphrah and Puah
  18. Dear Jochebed
  19. Dear Rahab
  20. Dear Deborah
  21. Dear Naomi
  22. Dear Ruth
  23. Dear Hannah
  24. Dear David (Goliath)
  25. Dear David (persecuted by Saul)
  26. Dear Jonathan
  27. Dear David (concerning Bathsheba)
  28. My Dear King Solomon
  29. My Dear Woman,(Elijah and the widow)
  30. Dear Jabez
  31. Dear Vashti



      We know that the Bible is inspired by God. John tells us that Jesus is the word made flesh. When we read the Bible we get a lesson in history (His Story) and rules that if we live by we will not only benefit us, but make our lives better than we could ever imagine. Through His Word we learn about life, love, grace and forgiveness. There is a love we have yet to truly know. I can write lists of things the Bible has in store for us, but that is not the purpose of why I am writing this book. We know the stories of the people in the Bible, from Adam and Eve to the Disciples of Christ, and their letters to the churches. It was their letters that made me think about what if God had a pen and paper. What letters would we find written to all these people. We know that He spoke to the Prophets. He spoke to Abraham, and used a Burning bush to speak to Moses. Then He spoke through His Son Jesus, and He even used a donkey. What if you could read a letter written by God to these people? What would you read? So that is what I have written here. Letters inspired by His Word written to the people who have lived throughout history, those who served Him, and even those who rebelled against Him. So I have written as I envisioned what the letters might look like. I also wondered what would He write to us today. Well you will find letters for the people of today as well. God is real even if these letters are only fiction, and they are fiction, because I in no way am claiming to be God. I am trying and hoping to convey the love He has for us all, the gift He gave us in Jesus, and I pray that I have expressed here the love I see when I read His Word in a manner that will bring that love into your heart and help you to see that He is both the Love and Author of your life.

Thank You,

Julie Sheppard


Dear Adam and Eve,

  This letter is not one that I take any pleasure in writing. Yet it is one that I must write, for when I look into your eyes I may not be able to say what needs to be said, and then do what I have to do. I love you both so very much, and I do not understand why it is that you chose to disobey the one rule I had given to you. Do not eat the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. There was no reason for you to eat of this tree.

  I had provided for all of your needs and there were many fruits to eat that are good for you. I gave to you both free will and I do not regret doing this. Yet it hurts me that you chose to not only disobey me, but you both put the blame on another. Adam you blamed Eve, because she had eaten the fruit, and then brought it to you. Eve You then blamed the snake, because he had lied to you. Adam, she did not make you eat the fruit, the choice was yours. Eve you were the one who chose to believe the snake and ate of the fruit. Your doubt has cut a deep wound into me. The only thing I had withheld from you was death. I had given to you life so that you may live an abundant life without end. Yet you chose death by sinning. You would never learn what death was had you not disobeyed this one rule.

  Now you have learned to sin, and that sin has brought to you death. For now that sin exists in you for you have eaten its’ fruit, I am separated from you. For I am truth and life, and sin is lies and death. I cannot let sin poison my garden and so I must tell you to leave. This breaks my heart more than you will ever understand. Every moment from your first breath has been pure joy. I treasure the time we have shared. My plan had been to share eternity with you. Now I must watch you from a distance. You will not die the moment you exit the gates here, but your bodies will grow old. You will know what sickness and suffering is. You will work hard and not always have something to show for your labor. The ground will not be kind to you. One day your bodies will die and return to the earth.

  I will show to you my love for you still exists. I will give you a way to redeem yourself from sin. Eve, as a woman you will know the pain and joy of having a child. Yet one day through this pain will come a child through a woman who will be sent to show man my true love. He will be rejected by some and the serpent will be waiting to devour him as soon as he comes. Yet he will be filled with My love and He will not fail. He will save man from death and trample the serpent.

Until then, you both must leave my garden. For sin will never be allowed to grow here. You have both made your choice, and now you must live with the consequence of your disobedience. I will miss you both. Let your choices now be ones to bring to you life and healing. Until the day we meet again.

In sorrow and pain,


Your Heavenly Father

Genesis chapter 3


Dear Serpent in the garden,

  You hid in the garden waiting for your chance to strike. You found Eve walking in the garden alone and you spoke to her. You asked her a question that you knew the answer to.

 You did this not to see if she knew the answer, but to cause her to question and doubt what I had spoken to Adam. She had been told that she could eat of every fruit of the garden but of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. That if she ate of its’ fruit she would die. This had been the only command that I had given to them.

  When you told her that she would not die but be filled with knowledge you caused her to doubt Me. You knew that she would not die immediately in her physical body but that the death was spiritual. It is that sin causes death, and being disobedient to My instruction is sin which would separate them from Me and without Me they would have no life.

   I had breathed My spirit into Adam giving him life. Separating us causes death. She listened to you and disobeyed me believing your lie. Not only did she eat the fruit she brought it to Adam who then also ate of the fruit. By causing one to sin you caused the other to sin.

You are devious in your plans. You think that you have won and destroyed what I have created. You introduced sin to man when you knew what sin does.

   Just as when you rebelled against Me and I had to cast you out of heaven. Now because of the sin of Adam and Eve they have been cast out of Eden. Yet what you did not realize was that I already had a plan to redeem men of their sins. You serpent are cursed and shall crawl on your belly. Then it will be through the woman which you did deceive shall come the One who shall crush you and redeem that which you have cursed. I will send My Son to this world to pay the price for the sins of men so that they will be saved from death. You have lost already. These are My children and you cannot have them.

  You have sealed your fate. I Am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end. What you have done is temporary but My love is eternal. My children shall return to Me for I Am the Good Shepherd and I will go after the lost and bring them home again.

I Am the One True God

Genesis 3, 2:16, 2:7

Revelation 1:8, 21:6, 22:13

John 10:1-18


Dear Noah,

The world has become a wicked place, and the hearts of men have become evil. The people have angered Me. Yet you Noah have found favor in my eyes. So I am giving you this warning about what I am going to do so that you may be saved. I will flood the land and destroy all that they have made. They are a sinful people who are selfish, and care only for their own wants and pleasures. They make idols and worship them. They are violent and destructive. They pervert that which was pure. There is no love found in them. They have chosen a life that ends in death. You and your family however are chosen to live on. This is because you are faithful and obedient. For this reason I will save you and your family.

Now this is what I want you to do. I want you to build an ark. I will give you all the instruction you need to accomplish this task. The people will see what you are doing and ridicule and laugh at you. Yet you will not let this stop you, because you are not doing this to please them but to obey Me. You will finish the ark, and nothing they do will stop you. I the Lord, your God, favor you above all the men of the land. So do not listen to their words as they taunt you and judge you. Listen to Me alone and I will instruct you in all your ways.

Once you have built the ark you will then gather the animals and the birds as I have instructed you. Then place them within the ark. You will also gather food and supplies and place them within the ark. I ask you to do this because I am going to send a great flood. It will cleanse the land of the sins of the people, and they will no longer exist.

Gather your family with you and, close the door to the ark. You will be safe. The flood will come and destroy everything but you and your family. Inside you will have what you need. For forty days and nights it will rain upon the earth, and all the earth will be flooded.

The waters will subside after months have passed. As the waters lower you will send first a raven, next you will send out a dove to find dry land. Many days will pass when the dove shall return with a twig from an olive tree. You will then find the dry land and you will then be able come out of the ark with your family and all the animals. Then you will be fruitful and multiply. I have saved you and blessed you with a new life. If you do as I have instructed you all will be well. As a sign to you for this covenant I will now make, that I will never again destroy the earth with flood waters, I set my rainbow in the cloud that when you see it you will remember My promise.


Your Lord God Almighty

Genesis chapters 6, 7, & 8
Abraham, (Abraham the Husband)

      I am writing this letter to you concerning you as a husband. You have let fear and doubt cloud your mind when it comes to your wife. You are blessed with a beautiful wife. Yet you have been more concerned with your own safety. Twice you have put her life in jeopardy, both spiritually and physically. The first time was in Egypt. You were so afraid that her beauty would cause them to kill you so that they could have her. So you had claimed her that she was your sister and not your wife. When you did this you were placing her in a position to commit adultery. I did protect her by letting Pharaoh know that she was your wife. He acted honorably and would not touch because she was married. So she was returned to you untouched and free from the sin of adultery. Pharaoh had to send you away because of this.

     Then fear came over you again, and you repeated what you had done in Egypt. You were in Gerar and king Abimelech wanted Sarah. You did not tell him that she was your wife. Instead you told him that she was your sister, and she did not protest. She did what you wanted her to do and submitted herself to your will. So I spoke to him in a dream and he did not bring any harm to Sarah, and for a second time she was returned to you untouched.

     Your actions in both incidents were selfish, and cowardly. You were going to cause your wife and these rulers to sin. You were sacrificing your wife to save yourself. You are a better man than this. You are the husband of Sarah. You are to be her protector and her provider. Instead you used her to protect your own life. Abraham I want you to be the husband she deserves, a man who is honorable and would rather lay down his own life than let any harm to happen to her.

      She has made her own mistakes and does not need help in making more. She needs you to be strong and faithful to Me as well as to her. Care for her the way that I do. I love her as I do love you. Love not as man loves, for the love of man can be selfish and pleasing to only themselves. A man who loves with all that you are created to be. Give to Me your life, and you will be rewarded with both My love and hers. Sarah will bring you the love of a good and loyal wife.

You will learn that there are consequences for your actions. When you live right and make the right choices you will prosper. We have much more to discuss but for now think upon these words written here.


Your Lord God Almighty

Genesis 12:10-20

Genesis chapter 20
Dear Sarai,

Where is your faith? You turned to the works of the flesh and lost faith in Me. You sent your maid servant to your husband for the purpose of conceiving the child I promised for you to give birth to. My promise was for you not for Hagar. When you did this, you caused your husband and Hagar to commit adultery.

When you saw that you had done wrong you did not repent. Instead you hurt Me further by punishing Hagar for your sin. She had only done what you told her to do. Your command caused her to sin, for she is your servant and could not refuse you. She too carries the weight of this sin. Yet you look down on her and punish her because of your jealousy. She will give birth to one of Abram’s son. This was not my plan. Her child is not the one I promised.

Your lack of patience and your doubts in what I can do caused you to act on your own power and you did not wait for Me. The child I promised for you to have, I will still give to you. The two will be divided, and cause much strife. This too is a result of your lack of faith in Me. Now because of your decision to give Hagar to Abram, instead of one nation coming out of Abram there will be two. Why is it that you chose to do for yourself what I was going to give you?

Did you forget that I Am, your Lord and God? Do you not believe in My power? Is your age greater than mine? Do you know what I know? Dear woman I have always been with you. I was with you in Egypt, when the fears of your husband almost caused you to commit adultery with Pharaoh. Did I not protect you then? Did I not keep you from your husband’s sin? You remained pure and untouched by Pharaoh, and he delivered you back to your husband. Yet now you behave like My word is not true.

This hurts Me deeper than you will ever understand. Yet I will forgive you. The child I promised will still come. Your name will no longer be Sarai; you will now be called Sarah. Your son will be named Isaac. Now my dear woman trust in Me, the Lord your God with all your heart and believe. I do not lie. I tell you the truth. I love you Sarah and I will be with you always.


Your Lord God

Genesis 16, 17:15-16
Dear Hagar,

      I want you to know that I do love you. Yes you are an Egyptian and a slave to Sarai. This does not change My love. You did not seek to have Abram’s child, you had been given by Sarai to him. It was her choice not yours. You knew that she felt that she had been keeping Abram from his blessing when she gave you to him. You taunted her with the child you were able to give him, when she had not yet been able to do so herself. Her lack of faith in Me has caused this mess. One sin leads to another. Now there is nothing but quarreling between the two of you.

      She began to mistreat you. So I understand why you felt you had to run away. Then I sent you back to her, and asked you to submit yourself to her. This was a difficult burden to bear. Then you tried to elevate yourself above her by using your child to hurt her with him. This is wrong to use a child to do harm. Your sin is pride, and you are included in the sin of adultery with Abram. I know that you felt that you had no choice because you belonged to Sarai but wrong is wrong no matter what the reason.

      You have a son, and his name is Ishmael and Sarai has her son Isaac, who is the child I had promised to Abraham. You let her jealousy work for you. You turned it against her and have divided the two sons with this quarrel. You have placed Abraham where he must now choose between his two sons. The first son conceived in sin and the second is the child who I had promised to him.

      This was not an easy decision for him to make so he told Sarah to do as she wanted. Sarah in her anger and jealousy cast you and your son Ishmael out. This is not what he wanted, but he listened to his wife and forgot what I had told him. He did as she requested. The three of you have your part in this. Each one of you has sinned. Doubt, adultery, pride, and jealousy, none of these have anything to do with My love, or My plans.

      So now you journey through the dessert with your child, but you are not alone. I will be with you and your son will be the father of a nation. He will marry an Egyptian and live in Paran. He will be a father to a nation as I had spoken to you before. You are a mother who loves her son; there is no doubt to this. Yet he was conceived in sin, and this still will have consequences that you cannot hide from. Live now a life that is right and pure.



 God of Abraham


Genesis 16, 17:1-22, 18:1-15, 21:1-21

Dear Isaac,

      You are definitely your father’s son and like your father you have repeated the mistakes of your father. I do hope that you will not repeat the same mistake again. Just as your father gave into fear, you have copied his actions. You too said your wife Rebekah was not your wife and almost caused her to take part of adultery. This sin would not have been hers, since she was acting in submission to you her husband and did as you asked of her, but she still would have sinned.

      Why would you do this to her? Do you love her? You have been more concerned for yourself than for the life of the wife you were blessed with. She was to be kept under your arm for protection, but instead you used her as your shield. This is an act of cowardice. Where is your faith in Me, and your respect for your wife. She has been obedient and loving to you in all things. How can you treat a treasure like her like nothing more than something you can easily cast off. Do you not know what it means to be a husband?

       I created you for better than this, and I created her to be cherished as she cherishes you as both a husband and a man of God. Her actions have proven her love. Will your actions from this point on show that you cherish and love her? As she has forgiveness for your actions, I will also forgive you for this transgression. However learn from your mistake and do not repeat this act again as your father Abraham did. You have been blessed. Hold on to your faith in Me, and know I will provide for your every need, and protect you, if only you believe. Be a man of honor and you shall be honored.


 Your Lord God Almighty


 Genesis 26:6-11

 Genesis 12:10-20 

 Genesis chapter 20

Dear Rebekah,

      You are My precious daughter. Thank you for your obedient heart. You served a stranger without wanting anything in return. You did not know his purpose for his travels but you cared not only for his needs but for the animals in his care. Then you opened up your home to bring him comfort and rest. You did not know that he came in search of a bride for his master’s son. You served him from your heart.

     Your family welcomed him and set a meal before him. Yet he waited to take care of his own needs until he made the request for you to come home with him to be the bride of Isaac. Your family said for him to return home and that the answer would be sent to him. You were given time to make your decision. You did not hesitate but answered that you would go and leave your family to be Isaac’s bride. You could have said no but you said yes and became a wife to a man you had not yet met. Your trust in my will for your life has blessed you. You became a wife and then a mother. Thank you for choosing this path and following Me. Be blessed my beautiful daughter.

All of my love,

Your Abba Father


Genesis 24


Dear Joseph, (Regarding your brothers)

      Relationships between brothers are often difficult and filled with strife. There is jealousy and quarreling. The older ones often bully the younger. The younger child is often favored by one parent or the other. Your relationship you have with your brothers is no exception. Your father so loved your mother Rachel, and your brothers were born to Leah who he had been tricked into marrying by their father. This would divide any family. Then your mother died giving birth to your younger brother Benjamin. After her death your father treated you differently than your brothers who were Leah’s children. You and Benjamin were all he had left of your mother. He elevated you above your brothers, and this caused them to resent you.

    Then the dreams came to you. They despised you more as you shared them with your family. They ridiculed you and made jokes about your dreams. Even though these dreams did come from Me. Then your father blessed you with a special coat. They felt they were being treated unfairly, and rebelled all the more. Their resentment turned towards hate. When you found them neglecting their duties their anger flared. They then chose to do something to you to keep you from exposing what they had done.

     Now you find yourself in a dark pit which is where Reuben had convinced them to do without killing you first. This was what all your other brothers wanted to do. You do not understand why they feel the way they do towards you. You see them as your brothers. What they have done to you is something you do not understand. You are terrified, alone in a dark hole not knowing what their plans are for you. I tell you “Do not be afraid. I am with you. I will turn what they have done to you into a blessing not only for you, but for a nation.” I must let you know that it will not be an easy road that you are about to travel. There will be things that will happen to you that you will not understand and will make you feel as if I have abandoned you. I tell you, do not lose your faith I will be with you even when you do not see or feel My presence. What your brothers’ have devised to harm you with, I will turn for your favor and My glory. Be faithful my child, and I will elevate you in a way you could not dream of on your own. I am with you always.


Your Abba Father


Genesis 37, Genesis 50:20

My Dear Dinah,

      You are My beautiful and loving girl. You have been the victim twice. First Hamor raped you and stole your innocence. They tried to make things right and submitted themselves to your father’s decision. Thankfully he chose to forgive, and the man became your husband. His father the King and all the people of the land gave up their old ways and rid themselves of all their idols and other gods. They were circumcised to show their commitment to Me. I was now their God as I am yours.

      It was not My plan for you to be hurt, yet I was able to use what was meant to destroy you and use what was done to you to bring a nation to Me, so that something good had come out of what terrible thing that had been done to you. It was a chance for you to heal from what had been done to you. To remove the shame you felt. Yes there are those who would have blamed you, and I am sorry for the way they think about such a terrible crime. More than your body had been harmed, because he took from you what you did not give. You refused and he did what he wanted to satisfy his own desire not caring about what he was doing to you. He took your free will. I want to heal your heart and mind as well as your body from the damage he has done to you.

      Now your brothers have gone against your father’s decision and slaughtered not only your husband but many of the other men after they had been circumcised and were healing in their beds. This hurt you more because you feel that you were only an excuse for them to behave in this violent way. You did not feel the comfort of a brother’s love. They did not console you. Instead they stole from you from your husband by taking his life. Your pain did not end here. You have also lost your brother Joseph. Your other brothers told you that a wild animal had killed him. So he was dead because they said so. You have suffered such loss, your innocence, your husband, and your brother.

      I am sorry for the pain that you feel. I know that you may want to blame Me, for I am your God. I want to keep you from all harm and suffering. Yet I have given to all men free will. I could not control their actions without taking their free will away from them. As you chose to serve and love Me from your heart, is how I want them to choose for themselves. I love you and care deeply for you. I will heal you, and love you for all eternity. You will live with me one day and never suffer again. I promise you this.


 our Heavenly Father


 Genesis 34 & 37

Dear Brothers’ of Joseph,

           I have much to say to all of you as a group. So that is why this letter is addressed to all of you instead of individual letters. For you have acted together as a group in the things you have done. I have not only seen you, but I know what your hearts. You have been concerned only for yourselves. You are supposed to be My children. Yet you have rebelled against your earthly father, conspiring to harm your own brother because of your jealousy. Did I write with my own finger, “You shall not covet”? Is this not the source of jealousy? When you want something that belongs to someone else more than what you have. Where is your heart? What were you thinking? Can you answer me these questions honestly?

     So Joseph is younger than you. His mother is not yours. Have you ever been happy to be his brother? When did jealousy and resentment come into your heart? Were these feelings grown from your mother? I ask this because she knew that your father had not chosen her, and that he was tricked into marrying her. You may wonder why I am asking you questions like these when you know that I already know the answers, but what I want is for you to think about the answers to these questions so that you can look at yourselves and all of your actions.

     I want you to think about how you have been with Joseph all of his life with you. Was he a terrible brother, breaking your belongings, and hurt you every chance he could? Was he just a younger brother trying to get the approval of his older brothers? You were so jealous of him and afraid of what he would say to your father, that you threw him into a pit and then sold him into slavery. Then to cover up what you had done to him, you ruined the coat your father gave to him. You tore it and covered it in blood. Then you took his coat, and showed it to your father. You saw how much this hurt him. You could have confessed your crime and maybe gone after your brother and healed your father’s broken heart. Instead you let your father suffer in front of you because of your lies. Did you ever think about what has happened to Joseph? What do you think the slave masters did to him? Was he even alive? Did you care, or were you happy to see him gone?

     Now there is the problem of how you handled what had happened with your sister Dinah. She was the one who had been hurt and violated. Yet it wasn’t her rape that angered you. It was your father’s forgiveness which you rebelled against. They not only got rid of their idols and chose to accept Me as their only God. They were circumcised, and they did this without argument. Something good had come out of a crime committed against Dinah. Yet you were so blind that you could not see this. You say you wanted justice, but the truth is you only wanted to butcher weak and helpless men lying in their beds. You knew what circumcision would do to them at their age. You knew they would be sick with fever, and unable to defend themselves. That was when you attacked. You turned them against Me with your unforgiving actions. You chose this on your own against your father’s will, and against Me. They would not learn of my love because of you.

     You are a selfish and childish group. Your way is all you care about. I am so very disappointed in you. Look at all the people you have hurt. How you have not thought once of what your actions affect others. I have more to say, but for today I want you to think about what you have done. Then tell me have any of these things brought you any true happiness, or have you profited in any way? I am stopping here but I will write more to you soon.


Your Heavenly Father


Genesis chapters 37, 34(Dinah)


Dear Judah,

I need to talk to you about how you mistreated Tamar your daughter in-law. She married your oldest son Er. He was struck down by God. She was not to blame; it was his actions that caused his death. Yet she had not had a child by him when he died. By Levite law she was to marry his brother so that Er would still have a child through her. Yet Onan married her but refuse her the child that was her right to have. So then he lost his life.

Out of fear you sent her away to her family, with a promise that when your youngest son came of age they would marry. Yet you did not keep to your word. This was wrong. Three times she was kept from the blessing promised to her. When your wife died and you went to Timnah, to be with the sheep shearers. You met a woman there that you thought to be a temple prostitute. You went to bed with her and she conceived a child. You had left her with your ring, cord and staff with a promise to send her payment. She was not there when you did try to fulfill the promise. So you kept this to yourself, so that no one would know of what you had done.

When Tamar was found being pregnant you sentenced her to death. Yet the child she carried is yours. When she produced your belongings, you realized the wrong you had done to her. She never should have had to seek after you for the blessing that was rightfully hers. Even though you had tried, you did not keep the blessing from her because she went after it. What you had refused to give her I gave to her and I blessed her. You know her to be a righteous woman. So you made this right and acknowledged the wrong done to her and found her innocent. Do not again keep a blessing from her or anyone else, if it is a blessing that is to come through you, then give it. Do not think of the cost on your part. Think only of the joy your obedience will bring. Then you too will be blessed.


Your Lord and Almighty God


Genesis chapter 38

Dear Joseph, (Falsely accused)

You were falsely accused of attempting to rape Potiphar’s wife, when you denied her, she screamed her false accusations. She was angry because she had been rejected, something that no one had ever done. She was used to getting her way and had never been told no. So to keep you silent she lied. So now you sit in jail. Once again you are being treated terribly by those who are close to you. Even though Potiphar knew that you did not touch his wife or try to harm her. Yet he was more concerned about how this would look to others and how what she had done could affect the position he holds. For these reasons he hid the truth of what his wife had done. He knew in his heart the truth, yet he still punished you for a crime that you did not commit.

     You are paying the price for her lies. Once again you are alone in a dark place, imprisoned by another’s actions. The pain of the humiliation caused by her accusations has cut deep. This pain you are feeling is more than understandable. You suffer much, but I will see you through this. You are not alone. I Am here with you. Do not be afraid. I have plans for you, and through you I will save many. Soon two men will be in prison with you. I will give these men dreams, and to you I will give the interpretations of their dreams. Just a little while and I will take you out of your prison and place you on high and you will be given a position of power and authority.

      When this time shall come, how will you treat those who have wronged you? I know your heart, but do you? Do not let go of your faith in Me. Believe and much good will come from your suffering. I will take what has been done to you and use it to be glorified in you. What you have suffered will not be in vain. I will prosper you and you will see the power of my love and the grace of forgiveness.

I Am yours Faithfully,

Love your God


Genesis chapter 38 & 39


Dear Joseph, (Dreams)

The time is coming when you will soon be released from prison. You have kept your faith in Me. There are two men who are about to be put in prison. Serve them well as you will be ordered to by the guard. Through this service you will gain your freedom. I will give to each a dream and you will give them the meaning of their dreams to them. One is the Butler to Pharaoh and the other is Pharaoh’s’ baker. Tell the Butler that the vines in his dream represent three days, and that squeezing the grapes into Pharaoh’s cup is his position restored. So that in three days he will be restored to his position. Now the baker will ask you to tell him the meaning of his dream and this is what you will tell him. The three baskets also mean three days, and the birds eating the bread from the baskets mean that Pharaoh will hang him from a tree and the birds will eat his flesh.

     These things will happen, and the Butler will forget for a while what you did for him. Yet do not lose hope. I tell you this because then will I give Pharaoh two dreams. They will upset him and he will seek help in finding the meaning to his dreams. This is when the butler will remember what you did for him and he will tell Pharaoh of your gift and what you did for him. When Pharaoh hears what he has to say he will send for you. This is the meaning of his dreams that you will give to him. The two dreams are the same, The seven healthy and good cows and the seven good stalks represent seven good years, of prosperity in the land of Egypt. There will be abundant harvests for these years. The seven sick cows and the seven withered stalks represent the seven years of famine that will follow. He was given the dream twice because it will happen as he dreamed. Then you will instruct him to appoint leaders over the land that during the seven years of plenty they should gather the grain and make store houses to store it in. He will then be prepared when the seven years of famine come. Following this instruction will keep the land from perishing.

     When Pharaoh hears these words you will be freed from prison. Then he will give you a position of great authority. For you will be a leader over all of Egypt except Pharaoh there will be no man above you. Through your obedience many will be saved. You have heard my words and now is the time for you to follow my instructions. You have suffered, and now I will be glorified in you.


Your God


Genesis chapters 40 & 41


Dear Joseph, (Forgiveness)

      Once again, I am writing to you. This may worry you because of the times that I had written to you before. Each letter came when trouble had fallen on you. Do not fear. You are now a hold a position of power. You now look after the people who once persecuted you, and you have saved them. All over there is a famine in the land. Yet you have a store house of supplies to care of the needs of not only those in Egypt, but to her neighbors. I am very happy with you. You have done well as a leader.

     This however is not the purpose of this letter. Your brothers have come to Egypt because of the famine. They are here to purchase grain to take home to your family. I need to know if you can forgive them for what they have done to you. I know that you miss your father and that you have concerns regarding the life of your younger brother Benjamin. So I will give you an opportunity to see if they have treated him better than they had treated you.

     When they first arrive you will invite them to eat with you, but you will not reveal to them who you are. Then you will sell them the supplies that they need. Yet before they leave you will come up with a way to give them a good reason to return with Benjamin. Then you will see your brother again, and when you do you will learn if your brothers were sorry for what they had done to you. When you hear them admit their guilt, will you forgive them? I know your answer is yes. You will do this because your family will be restored to you.

     All of your brothers and your father will be together again and I will make you whole again. Then you will rejoice and the children of Israel will prosper. So rejoice because the time of healing and restoration is at hand, and all that you have lost will be restored to you. Your faith in Me has been rewarded. What they had done to harm you has turned into a blessing. I love you.

All of my love,

Your Heavenly Father


Genesis chapters 42-46

Dear Shiphrah and Puah,

     You are My faithful and loving midwives. My children are slaves yet Pharaoh is still afraid of my people multiplying, and has commanded that you to take the lives of every Hebrew male as they are born. Yet you have not done as you were ordered to do.

     You chose to be faithful to Me and My commands, and you did not kill these newborn babies. So you used wisdom and told Pharaoh that the women had delivered faster than you could arrive. Through your actions, you have saved the lives of many children, and also kept their mothers from suffering the loss of a child.

     I will reward you both, for you have protected my little ones. You are blessed with your own households and you shall always be remembered for you did that which is right, even though you risked your own lives.      Your love for Me has blessed my people and many still have their children thanks to your faithful obedience to Me rather than listening to Pharaoh. If others would live by your example they too will be blessed. You know that it is better to please God than it is to please man.

Love Your,

Lord God Almighty


Exodus 1:12-20


Dear Jochebed,

     No parent ever wants to give up their child. I know as a mother you did your best to hold on to your son to keep him alive. Yet you knew he would only be with you for a little while so you hid him and nurtured him till you could hide him no more. The time has come when you can hide him no more and you must send him away so that he may live.

     Releasing your child into a violent and wicked world is the most difficult thing you will ever do. Yet have faith in Me, and I will protect your son and he will grow into a great man who I will use to save a nation. You cannot see this now because when you look at your son all you can see is a baby. You cannot see the future. You see this moment the basket in which you are about to place him into and you see the water that will carry him away from you. Your daughter will keep watch until he is found safe.

     Do not worry, My plan will work. You long to keep him close to you but you love him enough to let him go so that he will live. So kiss your child and place him in the basket, which I will see gets him to where I need him to be. He will live and grow, and become a man. One day you will see how I too will send My own Son into this violent and bloodthirsty world so that He can save people from their sins. Your son will be safe and no harm will come to him. My heart seeks to comfort yours. I love you dear woman.

With Love and tears,

Your Abba Father


Exodus chapter 1 and 2


Dear Rahab,

     The world has only known you as a prostitute, but you know of the wonders, and miracles I have done for my people and you acknowledge that I Am the One True God who does mighty things. You know the destruction your people face. When the spies whom Joshua will send into your land come, you will welcome them into your home.

     When your king’s guard comes searching for them you will hide and protect them. You will tell the guard that the men had already left before the gates were closed. You will then go to the spies and instruct them in which way they shall escape. They will then reward you. You and your family will not come to harm when My army comes to take your city.

     A scarlet cord will hang from your window letting my men know where you are and they will not harm you, or your family. I want to thank you that even though you were not born of my chosen people you have received Me by receiving the men I chose to have Joshua send into the city you live in. You know Me and believe in Me, and you have served Me well, by risking the safety of not only yourself but your family.

     You shall live and be blessed, and become a part of My people because You chose Me above those you had belonged to. I will be your God and you will be My child.

With My love and gratitude,

The Lord God Almighty


Joshua Chapter 2


My Dear Deborah,

     Let no man ever say a woman cannot lead for she does not have the strength or the intelligence. For you my daughter are proof that that is not true. I created both man and woman. Both are good.

     You are a prophetess married to Lapidoth I made you judge over Israel during the time Jabin was king of Canaan. You did not seek this position; it was I that chose you. You judged with fairness and with wisdom. You lived in the mount of Ephraim and sat beneath a palm tree where the children of Israel came to you for judgment. There were those who criticized you, but you did not let their way of thinking effect you, or how you conducted yourself.

     You lived according to My will. Seeking to please me and not trying to win the approval of men. You are not afraid to battle and took your place on the battlefield. Then you lead an army on to victory. You dear woman are strong and courageous. You bring joy and pride to my heart when I look upon you. You are an inspiration to future women who do not believe in themselves, just because they are a woman.

     They can learn of you and know that being a woman does not make them worthless, and weak. They can find courage and take their place in the battle for my Kingdom. Thank you for your obedience and faith. I love you My child.


El Shaddai


Judges chapter 4 & 5



Dear Naomi,

     Your life has not been easy. Your husband moved you and your family to Moab from Bethlehem. With you came your two sons Mahlon and Chilion. You did this because there was famine in your homeland. You left family and friends, and were living in a strange land. Then Your husband Elimech died, leaving you with just your sons. They then married Orpah and Ruth. Then both sons died as well.

     So there you were a widow with no sons. You released your daughter in-laws to return to their own families. Then you decided to return to the home you left behind. Orpah and Ruth cried to stay with you. Yet you said you had nothing to offer them and pleaded for them to return to their families. Orpah did as you had requested, but Ruth refused to leave you and she chose to stay with you. She truly loves you.

     The two of you travelled back to Bethlehem. When you returned your home was in poor shape and you had nothing. You sent Ruth to glean in the fields after the other servants had harvested. She brought all she could gather to you. She could have returned home but she stayed loyal to you, and cared for you the best that she could. She chose to be with you and chose for Me to be her God because of what she sees in you.

     You are a woman who is deeply loved. I will bless you and Ruth for you are two women who are worth more than all the jewels of the land. You will instruct Ruth in what she shall do, and she will obey your words. You have a relative who will take you and Ruth in to his family. When you learn that she had been working in the field of Boaz, you will ask Ruth to return the next day to his fields. He will then see her as she works in the field and he will give her favor. He is not the first relative that will have a right to her, but I will give him favor in the eyes of the law. Instruct Ruth in what she is to do, and be redeemed and be blessed. I love you,


Your God


The book of Ruth


Dear Ruth,

     Your love and devotion has been seen. For I see your heart and what is truly inside of you. You married into a family that was not like your own. They came from a foreign land and have only one God. I Am their God. You made your husband’s’ mother your own. You made their God, your God. I Am the One you now serve. When your husband died, you did not lose your faith in Me. You stayed loyal to Naomi. Even when she released you, and tried to send you back to your family, you refused to go. You stayed with her and left your own family and the only place you had ever known. Travelling with Naomi to the land of her youth you left your home. She had nothing to offer you, and yet you served her faithfully. This showed Me that your love is true.

     You immediately went to work to take care of not only your needs, but the needs as Naomi as well. You worked the fields gleaning after others, and brought her what you could gather. You listened and obeyed her instructions. Through your obedience you entered the path to your redemption. The field you chose to work belongs to a relative of Naomi’s. You did not know this.

     The first time he saw you working in the field he noticed you. He asked who you were and he was told that you are Naomi’s daughter in-law the Moabite and that you were both now widows He made sure that not only were you protected but as the harvesters gathered that they left a little extra grain for you to gather. When you returned that day You brought Naomi great joy. She told her about this family member and what you should do. You listened and did what she instructed you to do.

     What you had to do did mean you had to risk your life. Naomi instructed you to wait for Boaz to find a place to sleep, for there was a festival celebrating the harvest. When he became tired he laid down and fell asleep. You then uncovered his feet and laid down covering them with the bottom of your dress. When he woke up and found you he did not turn you away. He however had to send you back to Naomi till he could redeem you from another relative first. He knew how to deal with him and he then was able to marry you. Now you are now adopted into my family of Israel. Through your love and devotion others will be blessed. I love you for the woman you are, and I am happy to call you My own. May the rest of your life be blessed.


Your Heavenly Father and God


The book of Ruth


Dear Hannah,

     You are a faithful and devoted woman. You are properly named for you are favored. I love you, and love that you never gave up. You wanted so much to have a child. You did not give up, your prayers never ceased. You prayed when others ridiculed you, and when some even said that you were drunk. You believed in Me, and you knew in your heart that I would answer you. You told me that if I gave you a child that you would give the child back to Me and that this child would live to serve Me.

      I have answered your prayers and you have been blessed with a son. You have named him Samuel, and you did as you said you would. You gave him back to Me. He was raised to serve Me and not in your home. You kept your word to Me and I know it was hard to give up a child that you had wanted for so very long. Your song of praise to Me I hold dear in My heart.

     Samuel is your blessing and he will do great things. Your heart of obedience is within him and he will serve with honor. I have a purpose for his life that will bless many. He will glorify Me with His life, and his service to the kingdom of Heaven.

     You are a very special woman and you are always in My heart. Your trust and faith in Me has brought Me great joy, and I love you.


Your Abba Father


1 Samuel chapters 1-3


Dear David, (Facing Goliath)

     My boy, listen carefully to my instructions for you. There in the Valley of Elah, three of your brothers are serving King Saul in his army. They are gathered there to battle with the Philistines. Your father Jesse will ask for you to take food and supplies to them. This you will do because you love your brothers and you serve your father faithfully.

     When you arrive you will find Saul distressed, because his army is being taunted by a giant from Gath, named Goliath. You may be young and smaller than the soldiers in Saul’s army but your strength comes from Me. You will rise to the challenge and face this giant. There will be those who will say that you are not able to do this, that it is only your pride that causes you to say that you can.

     You will not turn away, and you will tell them that you fought with a bear and lion and did kill them to protect your fathers’ sheep. This giant Goliath defies the armies of the Living God must be treated in the same manner. God kept me from the paws of the lion and the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.

     Saul will then offer his armor to you, but you will not need the protection of man, for I will protect you. You will take your sling shot and five smooth stones from the creek. Then you will go to where Goliath is. He will taunt you and try to discourage you.

     Do not be afraid and put your faith in Me. You will stand and say this, “You have your weapons, but I come in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, who you defy. Today He will deliver you into my hand and I will defeat you and take your head. Then all will know that the Lord does not save with the sword and spear, for the battle is the Lord, and He will give you to our hands.”

     You will strike with the stone and he will fall. Then you will take his sword and cut off his head. When the Philistines see this they will flee. This battle is the first of many that you will face in your life. This is My instruction for you today.  Listen to My words and obey I will give you this victory. I love you dearly.


Your God, the God of Israel


1 Samuel chapter 17


Dear David,

     You are My dearly loved. You were victorious over Goliath and you defeated him as I said you would. Now you are a married man. Your wife Michal does love you. Saul does not, and he is seeking you to take your life. You must go into hiding. Saul is not the man he once was and has turned away from Me. He is jealous of you because of your victories in battle and that his son and the people love you. He is also jealous because he lost the favor you now have. His anger towards you grows because he knows you have My favor. I must warn you that while you are playing music to soothe him, that he will take his spear and try to kill you. He will miss and the spear will go into the wall.

     Saul will make you a captain in his army. You will do your job well and behave with wisdom that I will give to you. He will see that you are a good man and soldier. He will hear the praises of the people for you and he will grow more jealous. The reason that he gave his daughter Michal to be your wife was because he learned that she loves you. He will use this as a way to plan your death. He will not ask for a dowry, but instead he will ask for you a hundred foreskins of the Philistines. He is hoping that you will die in battle. Do not fear for you will defeat 200 Philistines doubling what was requested of you. Then you will marry Michal.

     When Jonathan learns of his father’s plans to kill you, he will come to warn you of his father’s plan. Listen to him and do what he says. He is a true friend and he will not betray you. He will speak to his father and tell Saul that he is wrong to harm you in any way since you had done nothing to wrong him. This will calm Saul for a while, and he will not harm you for a short time. However when the next battle does come with the Philistines, he will once again seek to kill you. You will be playing music and he will take his spear to kill you for the second time. He will fail and you will have to escape and go into hiding again. Your wife Michal will help you, and you will then find Samuel in Ramah. You will tell him of what Saul has done, and there will be prophets who will speak to Saul’s messengers who will come for you. They will be truthful and say yes you are with Samuel in Naioth in Ramah. I will be with you. So do not be afraid for your life.

     You will leave Naioth, and find Jonathan. You will talk and make plans to see if Saul still wants you dead. Your friend will be faithful to you. He will see the rage in his father’s eyes against you. Saul will throw the javelin at Jonathan. This will confirm to him that his father truly wants you dead. He will warn you and you will have to go flee. You will have four hundred men with you and I will keep you safe from harm.

     Remember My words to you and I will write again soon to tell you more. For now do as you are instructed and you will live. I am always with you.


Your God


1 Samuel 17:41-51

1 Samuel chapters 18 – 20


Dear Jonathan,

     You are a faithful and loyal young man. You are a good friend and a loyal son. I can say so much about what is good in you. Yet there is sorrow as well. You love your father the king Saul, and you love your friend David. Yet your father hates David. Worse your father has fallen out of favor with Me. This rips your heart in two. Yet your love is so great. I am so proud of you. You do your best to be a son to a man who has turned from Me, and now he is trying to kill your best friend, because of his jealousy. So what are you going to do? Do you stand up to your father and stand up for a friend who is innocent, or do you step aside and not interfere. Saul is your father and he has done much wrong, yet you love him and want to believe in him. David is your friend and you are loyal to him and you know his life is in danger from your father.

     This leads you to having to make a choice. You will do what you can to protect David, and he will live. You will do this because you know that it is the right thing to do. You know that he is to become the next king of Israel. I know that you are Saul’s son and it should be you, but I know that in your heart you know David was born to be king and he will be a good king. He will not be perfect, but he has a perfect friend in you. This is why when you know of your father’s plans to kill David; you will not hesitate to let David know of these plans. You will help David live and keep him from harm and I love you for all your goodness. Never forget this, I do love you, and I know you are good. I am with you always.


Your Heavenly Father and your God


1 Samuel 18 – 20


Dear David, (Regarding Bathsheba)

     You are My dearly loved. The favor I have given to you, the victories in battle, and the protection from those who sought to take your life, and still you have betrayed My love for you. You have become selfish seeking to fulfill the pleasure of your lustful desires. Have I not commanded that that adultery is forbidden? Did I not command not to covet anything that belonged to another?

     Yet you looked upon the beauty of Bathsheba and lusted after her even though she is the wife of Uriah. He fought bravely for you in your army. He has been faithful in his service to you. You then betrayed him while he was off in battle you took Bathsheba to your bed. She became pregnant and this child would expose your adulterous affair.

     You tried to cover up your affair by bringing Uriah home. You believed that he would sleep with his wife, and then everyone would believe the child was his. When he refused to leave his men and did not return to his wife, your sin could not be hidden you sent him into battle knowing that it would cause his death. How selfish and deceitfully have you behaved. Lying, coveting, cheating and killing all for your own selfish desire to be with this woman?

     Do you not remember Me and the love I have for you? How you have broken My heart. Do you not know that you cannot hide from Me the things you do? You know that I have known you since before you were made in your mother’s womb? I Am Your Lord God Almighty, there is nothing that you can hide from Me. Your actions will not go unpunished. My love for you remains, but the tears you have caused to flow from My eyes from the pain you have caused Me will not keep the rod of correction from striking you.

     This child conceived in sin will not remain with you. He will be taken from you. You will mourn and repent of your sins and I will still love you, but the favor you had will not be the same and your house will be troubled because of the selfishness of your heart. You should have looked away from her, but now it is too late. What is done cannot be undone. Keep My commands and live.

I still love you,

I Am Your Lord God Almighty


2Samuel Chapters 11-12

Exodus 20:1-17

Matthew 5:27-28


My Dear King Solomon,

     You are a wise ruler. What makes you wise is because when you had the opportunity to ask for anything, you asked for wisdom. This I gave to you in abundance. You have used this gift well.

      Now the reason I am writing to you about this is because, you are about to have two women come to you. They will both claim to be the mother to a child. You know that only one of these women can be the child’s real mother. Not knowing either woman, you will not know immediately who is telling the truth. Since you have asked for wisdom from Me, I will give you the wisdom to decide. This wisdom will reveal the truth to you.

     The two women will not stop fighting over who this child belongs to. So this is what you will say to them, “Since both of you claim to be the mother of this baby, I will take my sword and cut the child in two and then you will both have your half of the child.” You may think that this is a horrifying a way to speak to a woman and a mother. You could never kill a child. I want you to know that this will show you who the real mother is. She will respond with, “Give this child to the other woman I do not want the baby to die.” Then you will know that this is the woman who the child belongs to. For only a woman who truly loves her child will give the child up to save their life.

     To this woman give the baby to and know the baby will be loved and the mother will always be grateful to you. My wisdom I give to you in abundance, for you seek Me first in all matters. This is wise.


Your Lord God Almighty


1 Kings chapter 3


Dear Woman, (Elijah and the widow)

     My Dear Woman, I know that you are a widow with a son to care for, and that you have only enough oil and flour to make not even a meal for you and your son. You know you do not have anything else coming to you to supply the needs of you and your son. You feel hopeless and that this is the end.

      So when a man approaches you and asks you to feed him do not worry.  I understand that you will think, but this is all that I have left. Yet in spite of this, you will make him the small cake he will ask for. I know that you feel hopeless and that there is nothing left to live for and nothing left to lose. So when you bless My prophet Elijah, I will bless you.

     You will give the last of all you have and be empty, but I will fill you with more than what the body needs, I will give you hope and a future. The rest of your days will be blessed. Even though you felt unloved and abandoned, you will give unselfishly and this is an act of love. Give when you have nothing, and then to put another before yourself. You are loved, for I love you with an everlasting love. Live a blessed life. I will provide for all of your needs.


Lord God Almighty


1 Kings 17


Dear Jabez,

Your birth had caused your mother great pain, so she named you Jabez. You grew up to be a man of great honor. You have sought to serve me with all that you are and all that you have. You have done this seeking and using wisdom. When you prayed it was not for yourself but to serve even more than you had already been doing. You also prayed to do no evil so that you would not cause any pain. So my answer to your prayer is yes Jabez your borders shall be increased, because you did not ask for increase for yourself but to reach even more people for My sake. Your heart and mind are set on the right things and I will bless you, providing for all of your needs, and I will protect you all the days of your life. I am always with you. I love you. Thank you for being faithful to Me in all that you do.


Your Abba Father


1 Chronicles 4:9-10


Dear Vashti,

     You were the wife King Xerxes. He has divorced you and you were sent away never to be in his presence again. You are a very beautiful woman and I understand why you did not want to be paraded around in front of a group of men like a mere possession. Yet you did not address this quietly between your husband and yourself. You publicly refused him and in doing this you caused him shame. For if he was not seen as the head of his own household how could he have been seen to rule over a kingdom.

      He was both your husband and your king and you did not submit to him. It is not that he was right in his actions in how he treated you, but your reaction humiliated him as well. You did not act in a way that a wife should, and there is no excuse for doing wrong because another does so. Two wrongs do not make anything right.

     There were other ways that you could have let him know how you felt about how he was treating you. A wife should never correct her husband publicly, but quietly in private. Just as if one brother sees another sin, he does not go up to the one who is sinning and point it out for all to see, but he quietly approaches him and talks with him in private so that the other is not shamed into having to defend himself. Then he can repent of his actions because he was corrected in love.

      As his wife you should have stood by his side. You enjoyed the luxuries of being a queen but you did not appreciate the one who made you queen. You did not try to bring peace into your home. You caused strife, and it is you who is now paying the price. It is said, that it is better for a man to sit on the corner of the roof of his house than inside with a woman who chooses to argue constantly. When a wife speaks, she should do so to bring peace, comfort, life, and love.

      The conversations you had had before this event know one else knows about, but your actions tell me that they were lacking in love. If you had felt that you were loved you may not have reacted in such a disrespectful way. I hope that you do not live out the rest of your life bitter towards Xerxes, but learn to love and to be loved. My instruction is that you look upon yourself before you look upon how another is behaving. Live and learn.


Lord God Almighty


Esther chapter 1 / 2:1

Proverbs 21:9

Matthew 18:15-17


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