The year has come to it’s end.

IMG_0617This last year has not been great, but it has not been all bad either. I have dealt with loss, pain, frustration, and being hurt, just to name a few of the not so great things. Then I have seen God’s provision and His love in action.

Flood Bridgeport Park 2015

Floods and tornadoes came at the beginning of summer, but I watched a community come together and help each other out.

Flood Bridgeport 2015 a

I have seen family that I haven’t seen in years.

Family 2015 Melissa n Kathy

Venice w Corina

I have visited new places

Spent time with good friends

Visited places from my past.

Met new and wonderful people.

Seen the beauty of nature.

God has been good to me not just this year but all of my life. Even though there have been many times when painful and even tragic events have happened, I know that He has always been there for me. He has proven His love for me over and over again. So as this year ends I just want to say thank You God for getting me this far I know that You will be with me in the year to come.

God bless my friends and family, for You have blessed me in more ways than I can say.

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