3. Dear Esther (Volume II Letters from God)

Dear Esther,

     You are truly a beautiful young woman. Your outer beauty is only a mere reflection of the beauty that is within you. You are a beacon of light because My love lives inside of you. You have hidden from those around you who you really are. The king chose you to be his wife not only because of your appearance but because you were attractive in a deeper level. He did not know what this was because he only knew you outwardly. It was the woman I created you to be that made you be his queen.

     I Am your Maker, and I am your God. Yet the people around you have not known this. You have kept this secret, as Mordecai had instructed you. The time is coming when you must announce who you truly are. I know this is causing you to be afraid, because there are those who would want to see you dead when they learn of this.

     You did not marry king Ahasuerus so you could be queen in title only. You are in a position to save your people. There is an enemy who has been planning to kill all the Jews. He does not know that you are both a queen and a Jew. He has tricked your husband into executing your people.

     It is now the time to reveal your true identity. Yes you will be risking your life. Approaching the king, even though he is your husband without an invitation is not permitted and punished with death. Yet you cannot let this stop you. More than your life is at stake now. If you choose to refuse to do this, thinking that you will be safe, you are wrong. Your fate is the same as your people. You had a difficult decision to make, and I am glad you chose to do what is right.

     Before you go to the king you will prepare yourself with fasting and prayer. Then anoint yourself, and I will make the way for you. You need not fear for I am with you. When you go to the king, he will receive you. You will then invite the king and Haman to dinner. This is when you make known your true identity. Your enemy and the enemy of your people, Haman will be exposed as a deceiver and a murderer and will be executed in the way he had planned on executing the Jews.

     The woman that I have created you to be will be what I will use to save your people. You will know then you are loved for more than your appearance. You are beautiful, wise and faithful. I love you.


Yours Faithfully,

God Almighty


The book of Esther

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