4. Dear Gehazi (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Gehazi,

     You are the servant of My prophet Elisha. I want to ask you, why did you go after payment from Naaman the Syrian? You witnessed Elisha refusing the gifts from Naaman after he was healed from leprosy. Elisha told him to go in peace. Yet you thought he was wrong for not taking the gifts offered. The gifts he had offered were for burnt offerings for other gods, and he could not because they were not offerings for Me, the only true living God.

     You did not agree with him you felt that you should get something from Naaman and you justified your thoughts because two sons of prophets that were coming from the mount of Ephraim to meet Elisha. You felt you could give the things from Naaman to them. So you chased after Naaman and asked him for a talent of silver and two changes of clothing. He gave you the changes of clothing and instead of one talent of silver he gave you two talents. You did give these to the two men and sent them on their way.

     However my prophet Elisha questioned why you did this. He asked since when do we get paid anything? He told you his heart had not been with you when you did this. You went out on your own and did what you thought was right, but you were wrong. You have looked at the things of this world not the blessing of healing. So now you have the leprosy that was on Naaman and so shall your children, and you will live with it for your whole life. This is a consequence of your actions; it is not because I wanted this to happen to you.

     I am sorry that you thought to think that you knew what was better and chase after the materialistic things of this world. Now like the things of this world that rust and deteriorate, now your body will do the same.


Lord God Almighty


Kings 5:20-27


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