6. Dear Gomer (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Gomer,

     Why do you run from My love? I married you to Hosea, yet you have been unfaithful as a wife. The love I have for you I have put in him. He does not wait for you to return to him, but he pursues you and brings you back home time and time again. Yet still you wander off. What causes you to do this?

    Why do you reject the love I have for you? I seek after you and you run away. Time after time Hosea has gone after you, only to find you in the bed of another man. I chose you because you needed to be loved, not because of your beauty. I saw what you truly need. Still you rebel against Me and reject My love. If you would only realize that it is My love that causes Hosea to bring you home each time you run to the arms of another man. I forgive you for each of your transgressions, just as he does. You seek in the world that which will never satisfy you. You give into the physical comforts of a world that only leaves you defiled and empty.

     I bring you home and clothe you and give you a true love. I am faithful to the unfaithful. I am tender and merciful to you. Yet you still insist on finding love in an unloving world. The world does not love you; it only takes from you all that I want to give you. I bless you with a husband who loves you and children, yet these are not enough for you. When will you see that I love you as the world cannot? Hosea loves you not these other men. They only use you for their own selfish desires and pay you with that which does not last or will ever satisfy your needs.

    Do you not know what you are worth to me? Do you not know that your value is not your body or your possessions? If I did not care for you, I would leave you to your own desires and yourself destructive ways. I would not care about what you do, or what happens to you. Yet it is not the world or My enemies that harm you. It is you. You do the things to yourself that bring you harm and leaves you empty. I want so much more for you than what you try to find for yourself. I want you to experience joy and happiness, peace and love. I created you to be loved, because I created you out of love. When will you stop running? When will you return on your own? I want you to want to come to me on your own, but I will not give up on you. I have a gift greater than anything that you will ever find on earth. More valuable than all the jewels, gold and silver put together. All you have to do is turn away from the world and come to Me. This gift is not one you have to earn. I give it to you freely.

     I will continue to pursue you with My love and will continue to love you all the days of your life. I will never give up on you. My love is patient. So I wait patiently for the day when My love fills your heart and mind and you choose to stay with Me. Until that day I will continue to seek after you with all of My heart, even though you break it daily. Yet I know when you learn what My love truly is you will love Me, and you will stop what you have been doing. You will then love Me in return and repent of all that you have done. You will be as happy as I want to make you. I love you, today, tomorrow and always. I am always here for you.

Faithfully loving you,

Your Heavenly Father


The book of Hosea

1 Corinthians chapter 13


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