1 Corinthians 13


   One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is I Corinthians 13. This is often referred to as the book of love. I found it funny when someone once told me they would not come to my apartment because the unit number I live in is Apt. 13. Their superstition made me think about the number 13 and how to me it is not an unlucky number. The plaque that hangs beneath my apt. number is I Corinthians 13. This has made me think about how my home is a gift of love from God. When I was originally moving into the apartment complex where I now live I was actually supposed to move into another apartment. Things happened that changed this, and I did not care about the apartment number at the time. I was just grateful to be moving into my own home after living in a woman’s shelter. I have continued to be grateful for my apartment and just call it my home. To me the apt. #13 means it is a home of love, the love of my Heavenly Father, who provides for all of my needs. I choose not to believe in being lucky or unlucky, but I am thankful that I am blessed.


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