8. Dear Naaman (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Naaman,

     You are a captain for the king of Syria and a man of courage and are honorable. Yet you suffer from leprosy. There is a woman who is one of the people your armies had taken captive in the land of Israel. She now serves your wife. She has spoken to your wife telling her that My prophet Elisha is in Samaria and that he can heal you of your leprosy. Your king must love you because he sent a letter to the king of Israel regarding your leprosy.

     Elisha My prophet will hear of this and tell the king to have you brought to him. When you come before Elisha he will give you instruction to how to get your healing. You however will be quicker to argue with his instructions than listen. You are a captain a man who is used to telling others what to do, and you are not used to being the one who must listen. You will not agree with him when he tells you to wash in the Jordan River seven times. You will reason in your mind that the Abana and Pharpar rivers are better. You will follow his instructions in the end.

     When you do you will see that I am the only true God because you obeyed the instructions of My prophet and are healed. You will try to pay him with mules that he will refuse but send you home with peace. Share with others what has been done with you and how you argued first but then you listened and obeyed and were healed. Then they will learn that My instruction is not to be argued with but obeyed and it will always bring life and healing. I Am the Only true God there is no other.

Live well,

God Almighty


2 Kings 5:1-27


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