10. Dear Five Lazy Virgins (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Five Lazy Virgins,

     I know how I have addressed you may seem to be insulting. I am writing to you because I am greatly disappointed in you. You knew that the time was coming when the Groom would return for His bride. Instead of preparing you were lazy. Yes I called you lazy. You did what you wanted for yourselves and did nothing to prepare for His return. Maybe you were too busy looking for the right outfit and getting your hair and makeup done. This however was not what you needed to be ready.

     You fell asleep and the call came that He was returning. You went to the others who had been prepared expecting them to give you what you needed. They did not give you the oil because they had been wise and had gotten their oil in advance being prepared no matter what the time would be for the return of the Groom. You then went to get you the oil you needed but while you were gone the Groom came and those that were ready went with Him.

     You went after Him and knocked on His door and He replied that He did not know you. It was too late. You had been warned of His coming with plenty of time to be prepared but you waited too long. You just assumed that He would wait for you.

     How disappointed you must be that in the end you were left behind. You have no one to blame but yourself though. I am not trying to be cruel but you did know that you needed to be ready for His return. It was no one else’s responsibility. I only wish you had not been so lazy waiting for someone else to do what it was that you needed to do for yourself. By not being ready you only showed no regard to your Groom. It was you that had actually rejected Him. You will never know the pain this caused Him. I have nothing else that I can say about this.

With a broken heart

Your, Lord God



Matthew 25:1-12

4 thoughts on “10. Dear Five Lazy Virgins (Letters from God Volume II)

  1. This is one of my favourite stories. We groom our outsides but don’t keep those internal fires of faith, compassion and dignity burning. Diligence and character should win out, no matter what the rest of the world says.

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