11. Dear Lucifer (Letters from God Volume II)


Dear Lucifer,

   I do miss who you once were, but now when I look at you I do not see a trace of what I knew you to be. Your pride and arrogance has twisted your features into such a disgusting mess. Your surface is only a reflection of the beauty you once held. To look upon you was enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes. Your voice was music that touched into the depths of one’s heart.

   Yet you wanted more. You said you be higher than Myself. You wanted others to follow you and not me. You turned a third of my angels against Me. You brought strife into Heaven and a war broke out. I am about love and you teach hate. I will not let sin take place in Heaven. Why you chose to turn on me I will never understand.  I loved you so very much and it tore me apart to cast you out of My home.

    I created man, and you did not wait to make him and his wife doubt Me. She listened to your lies and they did sin. So they then had to leave the garden I had created for them.

    You continue to twist my words and turn anyone who will listen to you away from My love and My Son. You deceive, steal, kill and destroy. You even thought that you could turn My own Son against Me. While He was fasting in the wilderness you sought after Him. You thought that you could turn Him against Me. You told Him to turn a stone into bread. His response, “Man does not live on bread alone but upon every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”. You continued to tempt Jesus and He stayed firm in His response, “It is written”.

    You are so jealous that you did not stop at this. You wanted Him dead. You did everything you could think of to have Him killed. You even turned one of his disciples against Him. He betrayed his Lord for thirty pieces of silver. Then guilt overcame him and he returned the silver to the Pharisees then took his own life. What you were foolish enough to believe was that I did not know that this would happen. He knew what would take place when He entered the world, just as I did. My son was arrested, beaten, mocked, rejected and crucified. You thought you had beaten Me. You were wrong. Jesus rose from the grave taking the keys of death.

    He is now home with Me, but He will be returning for my children. When He does He will bring them home, and Judgment day will then happen. Man will be judged and so will you! You end is coming. You will be cast into the Lake of Fire. There is no escape for you.


I Am the Alpha and the Omega

I am God and no other will be before Me



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