12. Dear Peter (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Peter,

      I enjoyed our time on earth together. Do you remember when you first saw me? I was walking along the Sea of Galilee and I saw you and your brother Andrew casting out your nets. I called out to you and Andrew and said, ‘Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men’. The two of you immediately dropped your nets and joined Me. You were not afraid of hard work. You were strong, yet there was so many things that you did not understand when I was with you on earth. You heard every word I spoke yet you still acted on your own strength. You love Me, I know this. You however had relied on the work of your own hands to feed yourself, but now you belong to Me. You will no longer need to rely on yourself but trust in Me and all of your needs will be met. For your faith is not in man but in the One who came to save not only you, but all the lost souls of your world.

     Together we travelled with the others to many different places. There were also the times that I sent you and the others on without Me. Do you remember one of those times, when you and the others were travelling by boat, and you saw Me walking upon the water. Yet none of you were sure if it was Me. Some thought that I was a ghost. Yet you, Peter called out to Me, and said, “If it is You Lord, tell me to come to You, and I will.” I called to you and you did come to Me. You were walking on the sea to join Me. You began to sink when you took your eyes off of Me, but I did not let you drown.

     Peter, you know who I am, because the Father revealed Me to you, and you did believe. You saw Me on the mountain top speaking with Elijah and Moses. Many miracles did you witness and even performed. You listened and took to heart all that I had to say. You did not want to believe everything though. As we sat together eating, it was you who said that you would never deny Me. Yet I already knew a time was coming that you would. You would deny me three times, and you would hate yourself for this. I forgive you for this because your denial was not because you did not love Me, but that you were afraid and you let your fear dictate your actions. Have no fear though. My body did die on the cross and I was buried. I have conquered death and I rose from the grave on the third day. I live forever, and I have conquered Satan and took the keys to life from him and death cannot hold Me.

     I am the Son of the Most High God. I give to you authority over what I have authority over. For you are adopted into My family. My love for you endures forever. I am always with you, and I will send to you and all who believe in Me, the Helper. He is My Holy Spirit. There is nothing that can stop you from sharing the Good News, that I am the Messiah. I am Gods Son. I was born to save man. It is time that I return to My Father, but I live in you. My Spirit will reside in you. Life will not be easy but keep faith in Me and I will do great things through you. You will be with Me again because I will return to take you home with Me, but until that time do what I have commanded. I love you.


Your Savior Jesus



Matthew 4:18-20 / Mark 1:116-18

Matthew 14:22-33 / Mark 6:45-52/ John 6:16-21

Matthew 26:31-35/ Mark 14:66-72

1 Corinthians 15

Luke 10:18-20

John 14:11-13

Acts 1:1-12 & 2:1-4



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