13. Dear Saul (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Saul,

      Why have you have made it your mission to destroy Me and My children.  We were once so very close and you loved me.  Now you persecute Me.  Somewhere deep in your heart hides a memory of the love we shared.  As a young boy you saw me clearly.  Then as time passed and you grew older, and you grew apart from me.  My love was no longer enough for you.  Your studies and knowledge of the law became your god.  The law took the place of the love you once had for me.  Your position among the religious leaders continued to rise.  The more you persecuted and killed my children, the further away from me did you travel down your own path.  Your heart became like the stone I wrote my commandments upon.  However Moses did break the first stone tablet when he threw it down in anger when he saw that the Israelite’s’ had turned back to sin while he had been on the mountain with Me. 

      You took Stephen, and falsely accused him.  His trial was no more than a show to please the law you loved.  He was found guilty in your court and then had him stoned to death outside the city gate.  He died in front of you, yet now he lives with Me.

     What I have to say to you now is very important.  I am taking your sight from your eyes.  You will learn to see with your heart, for I will remove the heart of stone from you, and replace it with My heart.  The two men travelling with you will escort you to Damascus, and you will be safe.  I will come to meet you in three days.  I have more to speak to you about there. 

Until then, I love you,



Acts 7:54

Acts 8:3-4

ACTS 9:1-12

Exodus 32:19


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