14. Dear Abigail (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Abigail,

     You are a loving and faithful woman. Your husband was truly a fool not to recognize how blessed he was to have you for a wife. How brave it was of you to approach King David. You also used wisdom because you brought food and provisions for him and his men. You knew your husband was wrong but you petitioned for his life and kept David from shedding his blood as David had planned on doing. For your husband had been more than disrespectful to David and his men. He was known to be a cruel man and you being his wife knew this. Yet you did not waste one moment when you received the news of what your husband had done. You took two hundred loaves of bread; two skins of wine, five sheep already dressed, five seahs of roasted grain, one hundred clusters of raisins, and two hundred cakes of figs, and loaded them on donkeys. You sent all this with your servant to David and then came yourself to plead for your husband.

    David heard your plea and called your words blessed. David received your words and your gifts, and left Nabal to be dealt with by Me alone. When you shared this story with your husband his heart turned to stone, then ten days later I struck him down. When David heard that your husband was dead he sent for you and made you his wife. I bless you my sweet woman, and I am with you always.


 your Heavenly Father


1Samuel Chapter 25

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