15. Dear Samaritan (Letters from God Volume II)

Dear Samaritan,

    You are so very special. The religious need to take a lesson in compassion from you. You are looked down upon by them because you are not one of them. Yet you have more love and compassion for those in need. They saw the man hurt, and dying, but they did not even stop to see if they could help. Instead they distanced themselves even further away, as they passed judgment on the man. This is why I am thankful that you came along. You did not think of yourself. You just stopped when you saw him there in the ditch.

   He was unknown to you, a perfect stranger. Yet you saw him suffering and chose to do something about it. You got of your donkey and lifted him out of the ditch. You then carried him to a place where he could rest and be healed. There you mended his wounds. You did even more you because you paid the owner of the inn for his keep, and asked to be billed if he needed more than what you paid. You left him in the care of another then, but let them know you would return to not only see about his recovery, but settle any debts his care cost.

     So not only did you remove him from danger. You cared for him, and then came back to see that he was well. you have gone further than most ever would. My love truly lives in you. You dear men are loved by Me. For you put others before your own needs or safety. You should stand tall, for I am proud of you, and I will share you good deeds with any who will listen. Then hope they learn from your actions. It was your actions and not your words that did this man good. You did not let legality and other people’s judgments stop you from doing what was right. Thank you.


Your Heavenly Father



Luke 10:25-37

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