16. Dear Thomas (Letters from God Volume II)

 Dear Thomas,

     Do you know how much I love you? My dear friend your doubts do nothing for you. You love me, but you trust very little. You are faithful in spite of your fears. You knew that travelling to Judea would be dangerous that there were those who wanted me dead there. You were still willing to go, but your attitude was that we would die. Your fears have kept you in bondage.

     When I appeared to the other disciples, you did not believe them when they had told you about my visit. You said unless you touched the scars in my hands, you would not believe that I was alive. How can you believe in me and still doubt when you were with me as I walked among the people.

     You were with Peter and the other disciples fishing in the Sea of Galilee and I appeared to you again and you did not recognize me. You heard firsthand the words I spoke to the multitudes. You witnessed people being healed. Souls were saved yet still you still doubted that I am alive. I am thankful that there are people, who have never walked with me, and saw Me with their own eyes or heard me speak, yet they will believe in Me, and they will share their belief.

     They believe without seeing or touching, you believed because you saw me and touched me. You wanted physical proof and I gave it to you. I love you and I always will. I want you to learn to trust in Me completely without fear or doubt, and let your faith grow. I am with you always even when you do not see me and I have returned to My Father, My Spirit will dwell in you. Believe, trust and have faith. I am coming back for you. Do not doubt that!


Your Savior Jesus



Matt 10:3 / Mark3:18 / Luke 6:15

John 11:11-16 / John 20:19-29

John 21:1-14

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