Your physical health and your spiritual health

I want to thank all of you who take time to read my blog posts. Your comments encourage me to continue writing, and sharing with you all that God has been so gracious to give me.

I am beginning a new study that has truly  inspired me. I will be continuing to post from my ‘Letters from God’, but I have been inspired to dig deep into scripture regarding our body and it’s health and how it affects our relationship with our Lord Jesus.

It is like the Butterfly effect. One thing makes an impact on another without you even consciously realizing it. When we are not in the best health and our body is in pain, it influences how we relate to God, even if we do not realizes it at the time. If you are hurting or are sick you may not want to be around other people. So this effects our time of fellowship with other believers. Then there is our time in His Word, to be honest how much time do you really spend in reading when your head is hurting or you feel sick? Even a bad mood can discourage you from reading. We also do not feel like talking with anyone when we feel sick or are in pain, which also means our conversations with God even shorten. We do not mean to separate ourselves intentionally we just flat do not feel well. Without realizing it at the time we weaken ourselves by doing this. We need fellowship, this gives us encouragement and also lets us know we are not alone and that we are care for. So if you have someone you know who you stop hearing from or spending time with you should check on them and see how they are doing. They may not be feeling well and need the encouragement of a visit or even a phone call offering to see if there is anything that they need. This is also a great time to pray for each other. You can also share a verse that helped you when you were not feeling well this too will encourage and comfort the one not feeling well. I already mentioned praying together which brings God into the mix, making Him the focal point and not what is making the person feel bad.

We all have both spiritual and physical needs. I am hoping that by sharing my study here it might be of encouragement and edification of someone else who may be in need of this. I have good days and bad days. The physical pain and limitations that have been put on my body has been a stumbling block for myself. Yet the good that has come from this has taught me that for one I am not alone. Others have their afflictions and understand what I am going through. Two by sharing what I have learned can help another making my pain worthwhile. Then by sharing my lessons others can share their story and I can learn from them.

I am very excited about what God is still teaching me, so as I prepare each lesson I will be posting them here. I am looking forward to hearing from you and lessons you may have to share, and let me know if these lessons help you in any way.


5 thoughts on “Your physical health and your spiritual health

  1. I have been sick for so long that I’m forgotten by many people I used to know. People don’t do it on purpose but they are involved with life and I’m not. The worst part of cryoglobulinemia is how isolating it is. It is debilitating for that very reason. The pain can be terrible but the few others around the world that I’m able to connect with all complain the most about isolation. Still, God is good to me and I’ve much to be thankful for. I have a husband who care for me. I’d be lost without him. I have my grandchildren and my children. My world is small but I have my writing and the internet to help me feel that I can still contribute something to the world around me. Best of all, I have Jesus who never forgets I’m here and never leaves me all alone. He never gives me more than I can handle because He’s always there to help me bear it.

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  2. Pam I am praying for you continually. I am grateful that God has blessed you with a loving family and a good husband.
    When I wrote about people taking the time to check on people that have not seen for a while was for those who sometimes need just a gentle reminder that we are vessels for God to use because I have many neighbors who get neglected even by their families and it breaks my heart. I do not feel well most of the time but I do make a point to visit with them at least a couple of times a month if not more because I know what it is like to be all alone and be sick or in pain that keeps you from functioning.
    Sometimes we get too busy and begin to forget about these people. So God sends us little reminders to share the love He so freely gives to us each and every day. God bless you Sister.


  3. I saw your post on Brother Vincent Artale’s site, Talmidimblogging. I was curious about the title since I myself for quite some time have suffered with at times debilitating pain due to fibromyalgia and painful joints. My left knee cap is virtually non-existent due to an auto accident years ago, but both knees and hip and back joints are bad. Never-the-less our Heavenly Father has been gracious in His gifts to me as well as continuing to equip me with the ability to minister. Even though I no longer pastor in the “natural” world of “brick and mortar” churches, I have an outreach ministry and I still get some blogging done.
    I have learned that when we are called (and all of God’s children ARE called to something) there is no retirement until it is time to go Home! I have my good and bad times that seem to go in cycles where for a while, the pain is way in the background and then there’s that time when it is right there always in front of me! Those are the times, I have to set the ministry of words aside and continue even stronger in the ministry of prayer.
    I have also learned, that just as the Apostle Paul so eloquently stated, “when I am weak, HE is so much stronger!” I would much rather take the spiritual strength over the physical, but then that is also after years of experience in all areas of ministry. I see where you are coming from and there definitely is a place for those physically fit, but Sis (in Christ), don’t put our Lord in a box (not criticizing, just encouraging) and think that our Sovereign God can’t use those that are also afflicted. The Bible (and especially the New Testament) has many examples of those who despite their physical infirmities and limitations, were still able to be effective in serving others.
    I like to think that the real healing takes place in what is eternal and not in what is just going to turn to dust anyway. Years ago, I did a couple of studies about real healing in this age as compared to the time of the disciples and apostles. Jesus STILL heals today and performs miracles through the Holy Spirit indwelling His servants, but sometimes it’s not always what is seen or what we might think. Also, there is a LOT more in countries and areas of the world that are still being evangelized where the healings and miracles are more “seen” due to the Holy Spirit lending authority to the teaching of the Word. Many of us in the more “developed” nations have been spoiled by the Word of God and have a habit of taking way too much for granted. But —- HE STILL is faithful to perform the promises of His Word!!
    I already hit the “follow” button as I love your insight and your compassion. I follow a lot of blogs and to be honest, I don’t get back to as many as I would like due to health from time to times, then at other times I go like I’m in overdrive or something. I also started to rework my Blogs Followed page until the pain started again, so I look forward (hopefully soon) to add your site to my page as well. I use that page to follow blogs and I also use it as a list for intercession as I pray for those who continue to serve/minister the Lord and those that the Lord leads their way.
    Sis, my prayer is that our Heavenly Father will bless you so very abundantly and even more richly as you continue to share His heart and love with all those whom He leads through your pages!!!
    Pastor Roland Ledoux
    Oasis Bible Ministry – For the Love of God Blog

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    1. Thank you Roland for your in depth comment. You share so much with me and I truly appreciate the time you took to write me. I will be looking forward to to reading your posts as well. I will also add you your family and your ministry to my prayers. God bless you and all you do in Jesus Name!


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