What Kind Of Witness Was I today?

What kind of a witness was I today?

The thought just popped into my head as I was dusting off a shelf. During the time I spent outside of my home today, ‘Was I a witness for Christ?’ I am not talking about only about any conversations I may have had. Did my actions speak louder than my words, and what did they say? This is a self check. Did I smile at the person as they walked past me, or was I too busy in my own little world? Did I get angry and honk my horn when a car pulled out in front of me? Did I hold the door open when someone was coming out of where I was entering? Did I ask the cashier at the grocery store how was their day? Did I compliment anyone? Have I given any words of encouragement? Did I smile when a patient came into the office and great them by name? Have I shown any kindness at all to anyone I came in contact with today?

I hope that throughout the day I have shared love and kindness and ask for forgiveness for any time that I did not.

I pray that each day of my life on this planet, I live my life to please the One who truly loves us and has given us everything, and to give Him my best every day. Thank You Jesus, without You I would never have known what it truly means to be loved. Now I live to share the love you so freely gave to me.

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