Things That Grow

I love plants. I love to watch them grow. They bring life into the room. They clean the air. They are beautiful.


I grew these Avocado plants from seeds. It takes up to 3 months before the seed sprouts, but each time I see the first root, it gives me joy. I love to share these as gifts.

This is my little grapefruit. I grew it from a seed from a grapefruit given to me by a friend who get the fruit from their trees in Florida. I did not know if it would grow when I planted it, and the day I saw the sprout coming up out of the soil I was so excited.


I have grown plants from cuttings.

I have enjoyed using different kind of containers, from coffee cups to tea pots, and I even used an old cookie jar. I liked the character the container gave each plant.

Now there is a lesson that comes from growing all these wonderful plants. Each seed or cutting that grew reminded me of the seeds we plant with our words. Speaking life makes things grow, and it does not matter what the vessel looks like, God can use anyone. It does not matter what mistakes you have made, or what has been done to you. You can be that vessel that grows beautiful and has life to be shared. All of these plants are different and are planted in various containers, and I have given away many as gifts. The thing they all have in common is that they are alive and they are growing. Just like you and me, we are different and have lived different lives, but we are alive. We are growing in Christ everyday. Sharing His gift with anyone who will receive what we have to share. The life we share is one of forgiveness and love. When we look at a person we see a person who Jesus loves and died for. We see a vessel that if willing can be used to carry His life to another. At least this is how I choose to see people. Soil ready to be planted, and watch grow in His beauty and love.

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