To Live

Lord help me to die to myself and live for You.



To Die is to live
To Love is to give
For the most precious gift
That can be found in this life
Is given in love by Jesus Christ
Who lived and died
To save our lives
So that we may come to know Him
As our Lord and Savior
For there is no greater love
Than a man to lay down his life
To save another
To die is to live
To love is to give.

Julie A. Sheppard

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2 thoughts on “To Live

  1. I know when I get all wrapped up in myself, I end up very unhappy. A self-centered life is misery but a Christ-centered life is joy. I know this and have experienced the difference but pain, stress, or loss can send me back to default mode in a heart beat. Dying to self is a struggle with self and I too, need help to achieve it.

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