21. Dear Noah (Letters from God Volume II)

  1. Dear Noah,

     The world has become a wicked place, and the hearts of man has become evil. The people have angered Me. Yet you Noah have found favor in my eyes. So I am writing to you to warn you what I am about to do so that you may be saved. I will flood the land and destroy all that they have made. They are a sinful people who care only for their own wants and pleasures. They make idols and worship them. They are violent and destructive. There is no love found in them. They have chosen a life that ends in death. You however are chosen to live on. I will save you and your family.

I want you to build an ark. The people will ridicule you, and laugh at you. Yet you will not let this stop you. You will finish the ark. I the Lord, your God, favor you above all the men of the land. So do not listen to them as they ridicule you and judge you. Listen to Me alone and I will instruct you in all your ways.

Once you have built the ark you will then gather the animals and the birds as I have instructed you. Then place them within the ark. You will also gather food and supplies and place them within the ark. I ask you to do this because I am going to send a great flood. It will cleanse the land of the sins of the people, and they will no longer exist.

     Gather your family with you and, close the door to the ark. You will be safe. The flood will come and destroy everything but you and your family. Inside you will have what you need. For forty days and nights it will rain upon the earth, and it will be flooded.

The waters will subside after months have passed. As the waters lower you will send out first a raven then you will send out a dove to find dry land. Many days will pass when the dove shall return with a twig from an olive tree and then you will come out of the ark with your family and all the animals. Then you will be fruitful and multiply. I have saved you from the destruction of man, and blessed you with a new life. Do what I have told you and all will be well. As a sign to you for this covenant I will now make, that I will never again destroy the earth with flood waters, I set my rainbow in the cloud that when you see it you will remember My promise.



Your Lord God Almighty



Genesis chapters 6, 7, &8

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