Time to get out of your shell

March 5, 2016 12:39 PM

The desire to get out of the house and do things and be around others is not due to being home alone or feelings of loneliness, as some might believe. Honestly it is much easier to be a hermit. Alone, there is no one to bother you. No drama, no one to fight with. No one who can use or hurt you can be a much simpler life. However God did not create us to be alone. If He had He would have stopped with Adam. Yet He looked at him and knew he needed a companion. A branch cut off from the vine will wither and die. Yet the vine will continue to live. It can be pruned till it is not more than a stump and will survive. Beneath the surface its roots are strong and continue to grow. With proper care the vine will grow.

You never know whose life you will touch when you get out. The love of Christ inside of you needs to be shared. There is someone outside of the safety of your home who may have heard of the name of Jesus, but has never seen His love. Even if you do not speak directly to this person, your actions can be just what they need to see to know His love is real. Something as simple as your smile can brighten their day. A seed kept inside of a package will never grow. You need to get out of your shell and spread His love and plant the seeds He has given to you and to me with a world starving for His love. You were created with a purpose inside of you. Let it grow and take root. It can only do this if you take action and not let it lay dormant. Get out and till the soil, and plant those seeds, and then keep the good work up and care for what you have planted and watch the fruits of your labors grow and produce more seeds for future crops. You have been blessed, now go and be a blessing.

6 thoughts on “Time to get out of your shell

  1. My forced ‘hermitage’ has taught me to really appreciate being with others. I’ve always been content with myself and I’m happy for that because if I weren’t, it would be worse but I’ve learned in a very literal way that we aren’t meant to be alone. I’m blessed to have my husband but the time from morning to evening can be long, he comes home tired and wants quiet and rest and I’m ready to chatter…still, I can’t imagine people who are sick like I am and all alone. People need people.

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    1. Thank you Pam for sharing. There are many of us who are confined to our homes not because of choice, and we make best of the situation. But there are those who choose to close themselves off from the world for reasons only they know. I only hope to encourage those who are able bodied to get out and experience life outside of their comfort zone. God bless you and you are in my prayers.

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