Spiritual Health/Physical Health April 18 2016

I am writing to apologize for those of you who have been following the Bible study I began on Spiritual Health and Physical Health. It has been too long since the posting of the last lesson. Some of you know that my health took another hit a couple of months ago and I sincerely thank you for your prayers. Is it a coincidence that write after I began this study that my own health took a hit? Personally I don’t care to believe in coincidences. My body has been in severe pain for many years now and I have learned to overcome the obstacles and limitations that were place on my body due to injuries to my back caused by abuse. Now my current health has interfered with me reading or writing. The constant dizziness and passing out I will admit has scared me. What frustrates me most though is the inability to focus and be clear headed. Today is the first day in over a month that I feel I can focus and think clearly, and even write down a thought. Now back to the possibility of my health and the Bible study being a coincidence. As I stated I don’t believe in coincidence, but what I feel today is that I have hit a nail and began to build on something that can make a difference in my personal life and those I share this study with. My body is His temple, and I am one part of His body as you too are a part of His body. However whatever health issues and pain our bodies are in we have the ability to overcome what obstacles these problems cause in our lives. I sometimes give into doubt and depression and listen to those who have questioned my relationship with Jesus. The ones who ask what are you doing wrong to be having all these problems. (Read job and look at how his friends criticized him and how even his own wife told him to curse God and die) I finally came to realize God was not doing these things to me years ago, and that just because bad things happen it does not mean that I am causing them to happen by doing something wrong or not doing something others think I need to do. I thank God that during the darkest storms when all hope seems lost I still have a God who loves me and a Savior who never leaves me. It is not my physical condition that controls me, but my relationship with Jesus who never lets go of my hand and His Spirit that leads me. He never said that I would not have troubles or problems, but He did say that He would be with me always. My body will one day die but my spirit will live eternally with Christ, in my Fathers home. I am believing that this is the first of many days where I can have clear thoughts and get back to this study on physical and spiritual health. At least I can say this, as foggy and dizzy my mind has been one thought never left me and that is Jesus is with me and He loves me.

A word of encouragement to anyone who is hurting, sick or in pain or facing storms that you think you can’t make it through. You Are Not Alone! He IS with you. If there are people who question your faith because of your circumstance or condition remember Job and his friends and how in the end Job did intercede for them with God. Job showed his friends mercy and forgiveness when he did this.You may not believe this right now but your relationship with Jesus is more solid than you may realize. Don’t give up, you too will make it through. God bless and love you.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, do not be afraid it is not a train.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Health/Physical Health April 18 2016

  1. I’m sad to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Living with a chronic health issue is a wrestling match. Sometimes, we’re on top and sometimes, the condition is on top. I wish we could both be healed but in this world, that healing can only be temporary. I would gladly receive that temporary healing knowing that it’s purpose would be in furthering God’s purpose which is my true purpose, as well. I look forward to the future healing that will be permanent. You’re in my prayers sister Julie.

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  2. Thank You for your kind words. You too are in my prayers, but do not be sad for me because no matter what my health may be, I am still hearing our Fathers voice speaking to me and as long as I don’t let go of Him there is nothing to be sad about. Count it all joy. God bless you my loving sister.


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