I Heard You The First Time

How many times have you said to someone, ‘I heard you the first time, or you’ve told me that story before’?

Now how many times have you told the same story more than once?

To be honest I cannot count the times I have done either. When a person retells a story it is most likely because it is interesting or important to us.  Another reason is because that we might forget who we have shared this story with.

Thinking about this made me think about how many times that I have read the same book or watched the same move or TV show (a run). So what is the difference between a person retelling the same story and rereading the same story or watching a rerun?

Recently I was driving pat the local Veterans Museum. I told the person in the car with me how nice it was and how friendly the volunteers who ran it were. Their response was you told me that the last time we past it. The way they said that made me feel like I had annoyed them. I felt bad and apologized. This made me feel defensive. Even though I did not say how felt, I did think to myself about asking them, “And how many times have you repeated yourself? In this instance I was only sharing an experience that I had enjoyed and just wanted to share that experience with another.

Unfortunately not every story that I retell is positive like this one was. There are past events that range for painful to even tragic. Yet no matter how many times I retell the accounts  of these events, they do not change what had happened.

Not all stories are pleasant and happy. Too many are painful and even terrifying. No matter what they are about they are our stories.

I cannot count how many times I have read my Bible, and quoted scriptures. The stories in the Bible never change and neither do the scriptures. N matter how many times I read or speak the words found in the Bible it is the same every time.

The Ten Commandments can be read in both the book of Exodus or Leviticus. The commandments are referred to in the New Testament as well. Fear not is repeated 365 times. I can continue making this list but I think you get my point.

If you are a parent you repeat yourself probably every day. You tell your children to do their chores or their home work and some listen but the ones who do not you tell them again what they need to do. If they still do not do what they are told you discipline them. You also tell them not to do things and they still do what you tell them not to do. You set rules and must enforce them if you want them to be kept. Part of this is repeating what you have said multiple times. You do not do this because it is fun or because you enjoy doing so, but you want to protect your children from harm and you want them to have a good and safe life.

God is our Heavenly Father, and He loves us better than we know how to love. His wisdom is greater than ours. He truly knows what is best for us, and what will cause us harm. He repeats Himself and disciplines us when He has to because He loves us even when we refuse to listen to Him. He does not control us but sets rules to keep us safe and so that we can live life and prosper.

This is just food for thought.

God bless and prosper you.

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