The Hammer

I was asked today how do we love a sinner who does not have Jesus, and this post came to mind.



The Hammer by Julie A. Sheppard

     With a hammer I can build or I can crush and destroy. Using it as a tool of destruction is easy, I take the hammer and I hit an object and there it lays in pieces. I can take the same hammer and join two pieces of wood and begin to build something.

I find it fascinating that Jesus is also known as a carpenter. (Matthew 13:55 Mark 6:2-3) He built up lives. He also was on the receiving end of the blows from a hammer that drove the nails into Him, nailing Him to a cross. He was nailed to a cross to pay the price for a world full of sinners that we would be saved from the price of sin which is death. Those who have received the forgiveness of their sins have knowledge of this already. I want to focus…

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