Don’t Look Down!

Once upon a time when I used to climb rocks an mountains I was taught not to look down, Keeping my eyes focused on what was ahead, and looking for any place that I could securely grasp on to to as I climbed to the top. If you looked down you could be overcome by fear. You start thinking about how high up you are and how far you could fall. I will not say that I never looked down, but the feeling I got when I saw how high I had climbed and how much further I had to go may not of frozen me in my tracks but it did speed up my pulse. I cannot tell you why I chose to climb steep mountains and not take stay on lower ground, but the view from the top of those mountains was breath taking. I wish my body would allow me to  to climb again. The feeling of exhilaration I got as I reached the peak and the beauty of overlooking scenery that can only be seen in its fullness from a higher place.

God wants to take us to all to a higher place. A place that we can see more clearly, and above the ugliness of this world. A place of beauty and peace. Peace is what I feel when ever I get away from the world and get back to nature. A place where nothing is man made. It is my happy place. Any place in nature that is away from the hectic rat race of this world. I love to look at all that God created and the wonder that it fills me with.

Peter may not have been climbing a mountain, but he did walk on water and when he took his eyes off of Jesus and looked down he began to sink. It is easy to be overcome by all that is going on in this world. There are terrible things happening every second of every day. There is no escaping it, bad things are going to happen. Yet no matter how bad it is there is still beauty that can be found if you only look in the right direction. Seeing the love of God is the most amazing breath taking thing you will ever see. You see it in the smile of those filled with His perfect joy. I know those who have suffered tragic loss and yet when I look into their eyes in the midst of their sorrow I see a joy that no words could ever describe. This is the beauty of God’s love. A new born baby, the wistful smile on a seniors face as they recall the days of their childhood. It is all around if you look for Him . He said that if you look for Him you will find Him, but He is not down, He is up.  Jesus ascended up to heaven and He will return when the time has come and take us up with Him. Just keep your eyes looking up into the sky, and one day you will see the most beautiful sight on earth. You will see Jesus on His horse coming for you and me.

So don’t look down, keep looking up. A better day is coming!

One thought on “Don’t Look Down!

  1. I just had to share this daily email from Heartlight. I love how this prayer almost fits this post.

    Praying with Paul for 05/09/2016

    “Lessons from Nature” — 1 Corinthians 15:35-46
    Dear Father, rewarder of all who diligently seek you,

    Thank you for the lessons in nature that teach truths about your kingdom. Help me to learn from these examples so that I might understand more about you. Just as bare kernels of grain sown in the ground do not germinate and become plants unless they first “die,” so too my old nature must die before your new life can germinate in me. And so it is with the resurrection of believers. We are perishable, but you will raise us to be imperishable. We are dishonorable, but you will raise us up in glory. We are weak, but you will raise us in power. We are sustained by nature, but you will raise us to be sustained by your spirit.

    At last we will have learned to live in total dependence on you! Prepare us for this future time by teaching us to totally depend on you now! We praise you, Almighty Father, for you intend to make us immortal and to share your good things with us forever, because you love us.

    Thank you, Father, thank you. In the name of Jesus I lift this prayer. Amen.


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