Take a piece of paper and write anything you want on it.


Now take an eraser and erase what you have written. What you wrote is now gone or is it?


Gently rub the side of the pencil over the area where you erased. You can now read what you had written then erased.


Whatever you may have done in the past is done and cannot be undone. Even if you could find a magic eraser, there would still be a trace of what was done. Does this mean that every mistake you have ever made will be held against you? Thankfully the answer to that question is ‘no’. None of us are perfect we have all done something wrong in our life that we cannot take back. There are no do over’s in real life. Yet we can take responsibility for our actions and make amends. Some may forgive us and there will be others who won’t. There will still be consequences for what we have done. So why bother? With man this is the trap we are in. How can we escape it? First we acknowledge that we are a sinner and that we have done things to hurt others and ourselves. Then we turn to God and repent. We receive the forgiveness that comes only through the blood of Jesus Christ. It is this blood that was shed for each of us who receives Him as Lord that wipes the slate clean. For those your sin was a red as scarlet you shall be made as white as snow. The hymn ‘Nothing but the blood of Jesus’ is one of my favorites.  There is nothing that I can do on my own power that will fix any wrong that I have done, but Jesus through His blood has the power to redeem me. He makes me new. Whoever I was before is gone. I have been born again, not to live life as I once did. I have a new life and a purpose. My desire is now to not only live forgiven, but to share the love of Jesus with others who are lost and hurting. Leading them to Jesus where they can find forgiveness and a new life that can only be found in Christ. If you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are a new creation with the same purpose. We are different and have different gifts but one purpose we all share and that is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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