Get Lost!

Library collage

Photography by Julie Sheppard / Bridgeport, TX Public Library

Get lost in a book.

I love books! I love to read, and I love to write. My dream house will have a library. Till then local Libraries house books of various interests. Fictional worlds can be found in the pages of the books transporting you to places that can only be found in your mind. You can take a trip back in time reading a historical book. You can learn about customs and peoples of different lands. There is so much knowledge that can be found in the pages of these books. So many genres, both fictional and nonfiction. Books for young and old. Books do not discriminate. They wait patiently on a shelf until someone picks them up and opens them.I can ramble on about books but for now all I will say is, ‘Get lost in a book’ you will be glad you did.


5 thoughts on “Get Lost!

  1. Thanks for the post, Julie. I love to read, also. I’ll take a good book over watching television any day. I like books about Christianity but I also like history and even an occasional novel. I like to buy used books via Amazon 3rd party sellers because they’re so much cheaper. It occurred to me that I could also sell the books in my collection that I knew I would never read again so I signed up with Amazon and I’ve sold about 110 books in 6 months…a nice little hobby.

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    1. Tom thanks for the comment and the tip on selling books on Amazon, I have a large collection of books mostly christian, the others range from historical to educational. I have a hard time letting go of any of my treasures. There is a great used book store I like to go to when I go to Denton called the Recycled book store. I can spend hours there. The variety of books there it is easy to get lost. I have even gotten books written in Japanese there. Not that I can read Japanese but one day I might. A couple of christian fiction writers I enjoy reading are Frank Perretti and Ted Dekker. Out of the Classics I enjoy Pilgrims Progress. I can go on but that list is very long. I also enjoyed reading The Shack. Have a blessed day.

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      1. I can relate about hanging on to books. But cleaning out my parent’s house gave me incentive. If I had ten dollars for every hour I spent in a bookstore in my life, I could vacation in Hawaii for a week. Sadly, there are very few bookstores in Rochester anymore but I’m partly to blame because I do most of my buying online now. Speaking of books, did you see my list of books that examine Roman Catholicism? That was a fun project also.

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