Coincidence – Continues

Saturday I wrote Coincidence I don’t Think So . I had started it because I had wanted to vent because my computer had decided to quit working Friday, but it turned into a piece that was more about acknowledging that I had some idols in my life. Which I had discussed prior to my computer issues leading me to the conclusion that my computer problems was not a coincidence.

When I came home from work Sunday night I don’t know what made me think to turn on my computer but I did. It came on and worked like nothing had been wrong with it all. How this happened I cannot tell you, since Friday night after a friend who was a computer tech had worked on it for a good part of the evening till we decided to give up and pronounced it was dead.

I believe God teaches me lessons so that I can share them with others. I do not believe it was a coincidence that my computer went out on me after I had acknowledged that a lot of my computer time was wasted time and that it had become an idol in my life. It’s return to working was not a coincidence either. After I had publicly confessed my idols and repented God gave me His grace and showed me mercy knowing I really did not have the money to go and buy a new one. I will now be on guard as not to make my computer time an idol but be sure that it is used to be productive and to use it as a tool to further spread His message of Love and Grace.

Here are some steps you can take daily to help you in your relationship with Jesus.

1 Search yourself-do a self examination. After all god already knows our hearts, but do we?

2 Acknowledge your problem areas. It is like an addict, as long as they don’t acknowledge they have a problem they will continue to be an addict. Yet once they acknowledge to themselves, ‘Hey I don’t want to do this anymore, I have a problem’. Then they can get help.

3 Confess your problem, to God and someone you can trust. Scripture tells us to confess to one another. We don’t do this to make ourselves look bad or to feel guilt but so that we have someone to support us and help us be accountable for our actions. It is a way of shedding God’ light into our dark places.

4 Stop! What ever it was that you were doing that was damaging you and those close to you stop. To repent is to stop and turn from what you are doing and begin doing what is right. This is not easy for most people it requires for you to make a decision and the put effort into allowing yourself to change.

5 Receive His forgiveness. Allow Jesus to become the Lord of your life. Let His love transform you and make you a new creation. In Christ you are no longer who you used to be so do not let your past mistakes and problems hold you back.



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